What To Do When He Says He’s Too Big For Condoms

Guys hate condoms. Every chick is pretty aware of this fact. The fact of the matter is that we don’t love condoms either, but we do love the idea of not having babies or getting an STD. Sex sans condom feels better for both sexes, but sometimes one of us (more often than not, us chicks) have to be responsible.

Naturally, instead of being responsible, boys try to be devious. There are plenty of excuses guys will come up with to hit it raw. They typically “forget” to bring condoms, or maybe they’re “allergic.” Maybe they just keep reminding you that you’re on the pill, and acting as if pregnancy is the only reason condoms exist (no, a**hole, I don’t want your herpes either).

But, the most common condom excuse is that condoms “just don’t fit.” He won’t acknowledge the fact that condoms come in a variety of sizes, or the fact that you’ve seen way bigger dicks in real life and porno. He’ll try to make you feel bad, saying that he “just can’t cum with a condom on” because it’s too tight.

Well…do you know what you should say to that?

A big, F you, that’s what:


Maybe you can tell him to stick a foot up his a**?


Maybe you can tell him to get his big-headed self out of here?


In fact, at the end of the day you should just use those damn condoms for something useful, like your new hairstyle when you kick him to the curb for good.


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