8 guys explain what makes a girl seem “easy”

Anyone who describes a woman as “easy” is an ignorant misogynist and you should run far, far away from them.

There’s just no need for anyone to form an opinion on anyone else’s sex life, ever. It’s petty, judgmental and ignorant.

This was proven 100 times over by a recent Reddit thread, where some poor soul asked the unwashed masses, “What makes men assume a girl is easy?”

According to the responses, the short answer is: everything. Everything from your flirtiness to what you wear. Let’s go through the dumbest answers one by one, and pray these guys learn to stay in their lane and focus on treating other people with respect.

And please keep in mind that there’s no sense worrying about whether people think you’re “easy,” because only sad people form opinions on someone else’s sex life.

1. “If you are flirting the first day we met”

I’m sorry, but if you think someone’s cute, why wouldn’t you flirt with them the first day you met? We’re about to be at war with North Korea, what the hell are you waiting for?

A guy who thinks flirty = “easy” is a guy who’s not worth your time. Also, let’s face it, he’s also probably not a guy who doesn’t get flirted with much.

2. “When she sleeps with me

Any guy who thinks a woman is damaged goods because she slept with him needs therapy real bad. I’m not Freud or anything, but how much more self-loathing could you get?

Why would a guy think you’re forever tainted because you’ve come into contact with his naked body? I thought guys were supposed to love their dicks. But many of them seem to be afflicted with a reverse Midas touch, where they believe everything their junk rubs up against turns to shit.

Can you even imagine judging a man because he had sex with you? It would never happen. But guys judge women for getting down with them all the time. And dudes say we’re the insecure ones.

3. “Shitfaced in a bar”

Uhhh wouldn’t “shitfaced in a church” or “shitfaced at work” be worse? Where the hell else are we supposed to get shitfaced besides a bar?

Not to mention, we all know a shitfaced virgin or two. Your propensity for drinking in bars has absolutely nothing to do with your sexual activity. But still, stay safe out there because a guy who thinks a drunk girl is automatically “easy” is probably not a guy who understands the concept of consent.

4. “Facial piercings, multiple visible tattoos”

I like how he specifies facial piercings and visible tattoos. So as long as your pentagram-shaped nipple rings and your “BIG GIANT WHORE” tattoo remain covered at all times, you’re good to go.

5. “Lots of costume jewelry”

I’m 100% positive this guy has no idea what “costume jewelry” actually is. Because here’s what “costume jewelry” actually is:

Yeah, costume jewelry is the kind of novelty earrings your middle school librarian used to wear. Slut central!

Even if he just means statement jewelry, this is still asinine. A guy who judges a woman’s sex life based on her jewelry is just looking for excuses not to talk to her, because he knows he’ll get rejected.

6. “Clothing”

It seems really stupid and like a teen movie stereotype, but a lot of guys truly think you can judge a woman’s sexual appetite based on her clothing choices.

I can’t believe how many adult males I’ve had to explain this to in real life: the skimpiness of our clothing does not correlate to our amount of past or future sexual partners. I know plenty of girls who’ve had a one-night stand  after going out in jeans and a t-shirt. And I know plenty more who wear skintight minidresses but have absolutely no interest in talking to dudes.

Let’s face it, guys will have sex with anyone. We are well aware that we don’t have to dress any specific way to be on your radar sexually. Please go back to paying zero attention to fashion.

7. “Sex on the first date. Can’t take you seriously after that.”

This opinion is a steaming hot pile of garbage, and so is any man who holds it.

A guy friend of mine recently confessed to me that he would “never” go out with a girl again if she had sex on the first date. (This was after 20 minutes of him whining that his current hookup still hadn’t slept with him after five dates, by the way.)

When I asked him why he cared, his response was: “Because that might mean she’s going out on another first date and having sex with that guy the next night.”

“Okay,” I said. “Sure. But what if the girl who makes you wait until the third date has a third date with another guy the next night? And she sleeps with him, too?”

“Oh,” he said. “I never thought of it that way.”

Yeah, well, that’s what happens when your entire adult worldview was formed by “American Pie” and Judd Apatow movies.

It takes two people to have sex on a first date. But for some reason, women are the only ones who get judged for it — and it doesn’t even make sense. Just because someone makes you wait a few dates to have sex doesn’t mean she didn’t bang three guys earlier that week! And even if she did, it shouldn’t matter.

Guys, do you know what it really means when a girl has sex with you on the first date? It means that she wanted to have sex with you on the first date. If you make any assumptions beyond that, you’re being judgmental and frankly, a killjoy.

8. “If she has an over-sexualized aura”

This budding psychic looked into his crystal ball and decided that “talk, humour, anecdotes, social media posts, etc. around her that exude” sexuality are dead giveaways that a girl is “easy.”

I’m sure the same guy would call a girl uptight if she didn’t engage in overtly sexual conversations.

As a bonus, he also concedes some girls might give off a sexual vibe, but they don’t act on it. These women, he explains, are “crazy.” Oh, okay!

I just have one question: is it possible to cleanse my over-sexualized aura by burning sage?

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