Guys Really Seem To Have a Problem With Fake Nails

Some of us care way too much what guys think.

Whether you’re worrying if your outfit crosses the line between sexy vs. slutty or if you’re wearing too much makeup for a guy’s liking (since most dudes claim they want a girl with a bare face), it’s really got to stop.

What really takes the cake is when girls are concerned about turning guys off with their manicure choice. Yes, this is a thing, and I know it’s a thing because Google Analytics showed me that tons of girls have looked up “what kind of nails do guys like” or “do guys hate fake nails.”


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First off, guys saying they don’t like fake nails is just as ridiculous as guys saying they don’t like girls who wear makeup. Guys don’t know what they want — at all — and most guys would be way too distracted by the fact that a girl was into them to realize what her nails looked like.

Not to mention that I’ve had fake-ass, long and pointed nails for the past few years, and every guy I’ve been with has loved them once they realized how awesome they are for scratching certain body parts. But even if they didn’t think they were awesome, I wouldn’t stop getting them, because they make me feel sexy and badass.

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But alas, you are probably still wondering what guys that I haven’t hooked up with think.

So, here are some responses from a Reddit thread where a girl asked guys how they would want want their bae’s nails to look.

Predictably, most guys took major offense to a girl with fake nails, because God forbid a girl doesn’t show up for a date with a straight outta the womb look to her.

“I really hate fake nails, I just think they look trashy and fake,” said Reddit user Why_Do_We_Fall_Bruce. “Now I don’t think [fake] nails would ever be a deal breaker, I just don’t like them at all.”

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Sucks he thinks the glorious art of acrylics is trashy and fake, but did you comprehend that last part of his statement? That even if a girl has fake-ass nails it wouldn’t be a deal breaker? Pay attention to that theme.

“Not fake,” said Reddit user BertRenolds, who confusingly added: “No, we do not care.”

If you don’t care…then why are you expressing a preference?

“Short and clean,” said Reddit user Bazzatron. “Anything that extends beyond the fingertip is reserved exclusively for drag queens and birds of prey. But no, I don’t care if you [get your nails done], I have no appreciation for this. Get them done because you enjoy it.”

Although he’s hating on fake nails, he has a point. You should not be getting fake nails or refusing to get fake nails because you’re trying to impress a guy, because chances are he’ll hardly even notice. Not to mention that if you’re checking every other box for him, a long fake mani isn’t going to deter him. After all, he’s not fucking and/or dating your fingernails.

Do whatever the f you want to do with your nails. If you’re stressing over a guy to the point where you’re wondering if he likes your manicure, he probably just isn’t into you to begin with. Sorry!

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