What It’s Really Like To Be 25 And Addicted To Alcohol

Name: Christy L.

Age: 25

Current city you live in: Los Angeles

Occupation: Aesthetician

What were (are?) you addicted to?


Brief explanation of what the drug is/does/how it feels?

Alcohol loosens you up, makes you feel more confident, but it also inhibits your judgment and your senses and you can even blackout if you drink too much.

When did you start using? Can you describe your first experience?

I took my first drink when I was 15. I stole a bottle of vodka from my mom and shared it with a friend. We could barely drink it without spitting it back up so we mixed it with apple juice. After an hour of taking sips at a time it wasn’t so bad, until we both puked our guts up. But I loved the way it made me feel, so silly and carefree.

What made you start using?

There was obviously some peer pressure involved, but mostly I wanted an escape from my home life, which was not great. I had a terrible relationship with my mother.

What are the negative side effects of using the drug?

It can cause memory loss, it impairs your judgment, it can make you throw-up, it can cause a hangover. Over time it can cause serious liver damage.

At what point did you realize you had a problem?

By the time I was 22 I had been drinking almost non-stop for seven years. I drank a lot of beer, but I liked rum the most. I ended up dropping out of high school; I ran away from home, I lived in my car for a bit, I was always at some random guy’s house for a party or a place to crash. I was always drunk or buzzing because I honestly hated myself and my life. The tipping point was when I was at some party and lied down on a bed for a bit and some guy tried to take advantage of me and I was too drunk to fight him off. I thank god every day for the person who came into that room and got him off of me.

What type of help did you seek?

I went to two 12-step meetings everyday.

Can you describe the rehab experience/recovery process?

It was fucking hard. I relapsed a few times, but I just reminded myself of what almost happened to me because of my alcoholism and I eventually found a sponsor and got through it. I still go to meetings twice a week.

How long have you been sober?

Almost 3 years now.

How is your life different now that you’re sober?

It’s unbelievable how much happier I am. I went back to school, I’m working on my career, I have a small apartment, and some good friends I meet from my meetings.

Is there anything you do on a daily basis to stay sober?

I just remind myself of that night.

If you could go back and tell yourself anything what would it be?

No amount of alcohol is going to change your reality.

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