What It’s Like To Be 17 And Living With Alopecia

Name: Shalice P. Ader

Age: 17

Current city you live in: Ewa Beach, Hawaii

Occupation: I make YouTube videos about spreading positivity and love across the world.

What condition/ailment are you living with?


Can you give us a little background on the condition? What are the symptoms?

It causes hair loss, could be partial or my entire body.

When were you diagnosed?

I was diagnosed at the age of one.

Were you already experiencing symptoms when you were diagnosed?

Once I turned one years old my hair on my head started to fall out in patches.

How does this condition affect your life on a daily basis?

Currently, it doesn’t affect me. But in the past I would be very insecure of my appearance, and I’d always have to wear my wig.

Long term?

If it eventually affects my entire body. I would feel sad, but I would have to know that it’s a challenge to take.

Does it require medication? Does the medication have side effects?

It does require medication, but that’s only if I want my hair to grow back.

What is the hardest part of having the condition for you personally?

The hardest part was getting used to people looking at me differently. That’s probably why I was very insecure at a young age.

How does this condition affect you differently being younger compared to those who are diagnosed when they’re older?

I think having this condition at such a young age has taught me how to be a stronger person. I think if I’d gotten the condition currently I wouldn’t have as much confidence because I wouldn’t know what to do.

What do you do personally to cope?

Well, how I handle the situation now is, well like in public I pretend I’m in a fashion show and everyone is staring at my beautiful head. I try to remember not to let my hair loss affect me as a person, and I know that I could live my life happy without people judging me on how I look.

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