8 Girls Explain the Moment They Knew They Were Chasing a F*ckboy

We’ve all been there. You’ve been talking to a guy for a couple weeks, and things are going well.

But suddenly, you start noticing “signs.” No, not the signs that he might be “the one.” The signs that he might not be the 10 you thought he was — signs that maybe, just maybe, he could be a fuckboy.

The definition of a “fuckboy” isn’t set in stone. There are plenty of grey areas, but it’s fair to say most fuckboys are willfully allergic to commitment, condoms, and cuddling. Still, they can be really hard to identify — and sometimes, it’s too late and you’ve already hooked up with them.

So we got eight girls to tell us about when they realized their relationship (or lack of one) was going to shit, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes they did. Some of the stories are hilarious, and some are just plain sad. But either way, take notes so that you can spot a fuckboy from a mile away.

Too Cool for Feelings:

“I knew I was falling for a fuckboy when he told me that ‘he didn’t have feelings’ and said ‘I won’t fall in love with you, sorry.'” – Mandy

Oedipal Complex:

“When he tried to call himself Daddy during sex.”- Sara

Making Assumptions:

“It was my freshman year of college and I decided to go a sketchy club with a guy who I was talking to. The guy decided that it was perfectly okay that he followed me into the women’s bathroom so that he could receive a bathroom blow job, but then the bouncer came in and dragged him out and banned him from the club. The sad part is that I still hung out with him afterwards…” – Pia

The Male Gloria Steinem:

“When he said he doesn’t like paying for dates because he’s a feminist.” – Elyssa

The Over-Indulger:

“When he showed up drunk to our first date“- Roma

Not That Dope:

“We went in this kid’s room to ‘smoke weed’ and I was like, ‘Yeah, I’ll smoke,’ but when I went inside they were doing heroin. I sat on the bed and my fuck buddy started doing it next to me and offered it to me. I declined and said I wanted to leave, but I couldn’t because they were afraid of a RA seeing or walking by. I had to be tested for AIDS because he was also having unprotected sex with another girl who did heroin and he laughed as he told me I may have AIDS.” – Jamie

Nip it In the Bud:

“When he saw my nipple piercings and said, ‘Hey, look, I have those too!'”- Emma

Just a Touch Too Soon:

“When he started sending me dick pics the day after we met.” – Casey

Sharing Is Not Caring:

“I told the guy I was hooking up with to stop telling me that he liked me so it wouldn’t fuck with my head. His response was, “but I’m not lying when I say I like you, I do like you. Just like I like the other girls I’m talking to.” – Angela

Condom Deficient:

“One time I was having sex with a guy and he came on my back, which was weird because he was wearing a condom. I then asked him what the fuck he was doing and basically he told me he realized that it broke but it felt too good so instead of stopping/putting on another condom he decided that a jizz shower was the answer, even though he knew I wasn’t on birth control because of my kidney issues.” – Colette

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