Wesley Eisold of Cold Cave Tells Us Why Festivals Are Not Just About The Party

If you’re looking for something completely off the mainstream grid at FYF this weekend, the Cold Cave stage should be the main highlight on your festival map. Wesley Eisold has been a leading component for a new age, darkwave genre over the past 8 years, with his ever-evolving aesthetic and poetic approach to electronic music. As the stage comes naturally to him, and he is certainly no virgin to FYF, Eisold always looks forward to bringing those familiar and foreign to the genre together for an unforgettable experience. While these days it’s not a rarity for avid festival-goers to seek out the party, drugs and social aspect of the weekend, Eisold chats with us about why he opted for none of these distractions when he was just an attendee, and how he’ll never get tired of seeing Morissey, even for the 31st time.

Is this your first time performing at FYF? If so, do you have any anxiety about performing in a festival setting or if you have, how do you think a festival setting is different from a smaller set?

It’ll be my fourth time playing FYF…I don’t have anxiety at all. Everything else in life gives me anxiety but not playing live. LA and FYF Fest is our crowd and Sean Carlson was one of the first people to show interest in and book Cold Cave. They make us feel at home. A festival is about the experience of the entire weekend. Pure Stimulation for people.

500 people or 10,000 people… I don’t care as long as the vibe is there. We don’t base things in numbers.. they are no indication of the heart of it all.

Do you have any new music that you’ll be playing at FYF that you’ve either never played before or that no one has even heard before? 

I don’t know yet but typically at festivals we like to burn through the songs we imagine others want to hear. The set times are a little shorter than a headlining show so we play as much as we can.

I feel like your genre of darkwave and synthpop is still so, not even new, but maybe not even fully understood yet, do you think there are a lot of people that will be excited to hear something like what you do at FYF?

There are always people who are new to it. It’s different than the other bands at FYF which is cool.. Cold Cave goes well with Saturday nights in general so all should be good.

Did you go to festivals when you were younger? If so, did you ever do anything ridiculous or get too fucked up to remember?

No way. I went to festivals to hear music I loved, not to party. All I loved was music. Its what I craved and was looking for. I couldn’t imagine being 14 and sitting in the sun for 15 hours to see the Cure in Belgium and getting fucked up. Music is visceral. I never wanted a distraction.

That’s refreshing to hear because so many people go to festivals purely for that purpose nowadays. What’s the first show you went to that had a significant impact on the way you wanted to perform?

Probably the aforementioned Cure show, Wish era. That and old Misfits bootleg VHS tapes.

So would you prefer a stadium of people or an intimate small room? Or do they just have completely different energy it’s hard to tell?

500 people or 10,000 people… I don’t care as long as the vibe is there. We don’t base things in numbers.. they are no indication of the heart of it all.

Do you have a playlist, or like specific albums/songs/artists you listen to when you’re anticipating a bigger show?

I usually play a mix of favorites that includes songs by Suicide, Morrissey, New Order, the Cure, Siouxsie, Depeche Mode, the Velvet Underground, etc..

And last, I have to ask, are you excited about seeing anyone in particular in the line-up this year? 

Moz and Spiritualized. Festival headliners yet still criminally underrated. I’ve seen Morrissey close to 30 times now and I still love him.

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