We’re Like, Really Jealous, of Sam Smith and His New Boo

Lately I have been seeing millions of articles featuring Sam Smith singing “Drunk in Love” in the shower, recorded by his new boo thang, Jonathan Zeizel. While Sam Smith singing in the shower is not really a shocker to us (after all, we sing in the shower and we don’t even have a good voice), we’re way more interested in his new arm candy Jonathan, or “Jongo” as he sometimes goes by.


Jonathan is a model (shocker) and dancer, which is how he met Sam, after he was cast for the “Like I Can” video. Clearly, they have been pretty inseparable since (at least according to their Instagrams). Our real question is when are we going to upgrade from Sam Smith singing in the shower to a steamy shower video featuring both of them? Because I definitely wouldn’t mind watching Mr. Zeizel get dirty..and clean.


And next time we’re mourning an ex-lover a la “Stay With Me,” can we re-bound with someone as hot as Zeizel?


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