I Went Straight to a Hotel Bed On a First Date

It all started as most dates do for me, a right swipe on Bumble.

Though I didn’t expect this young lad to get me to a hotel bed as quickly as he did, but that’s what happens at the Standard hotel.

He texted me, “Hey want to go this Standard Hotel X Casper Beds event where you watch a movie on a bed with some Rosé, and eat a ton of snacks?” I see Casper beds all the time in the subway, and all I really read in that text was alcohol and food, and so YES I wanted some.

Of course I was just as nervous as I would be on any Bumble date, thinking, “What’s really going to be this guy’s issue?” Like is he short as fuck, small dick, why is he actually on a dating app in New York City?

But he pulls up at the Standard, and immediately I know I am attracted to him, so naturally I know I’m going to be up to no good. We get up to the event and its about 12 Casper beds set up with a ton of pillows, blankets, and most importantly snacks and the wine. Each tray had two popcorns (butter, and caramel), three kinds of candy, two cans bubbly water, and the Rosé.

This is a genius Netflix and Chill situation. Its public enough that I felt comfortable meeting up with a rando, but we have our own semi-private bed, snacks and a large movie screen.

Galore Casper Sleep-in Theater

Two glasses of wine, and half of box of Sour Patch Kids later, the movie starts, and I’m ready to kick this movie situation up a couple of notches. The six plush pillows ended up being a great wall fort to protect you from your neighbors while you make out during the movie. Which was case for the two us during the movie, and after the movie ended. This bumble date really hit the date homerun with the creativity, and homerun in a physical sense. After the movie ended we found ourselves having a heated make out on the Standard Hotel balcony, which is perfectly private for these types of steamy moments 😉

Overall, for a date night or if you’re trying to have an epic friend’s night in the meatpacking district, take notes. 10/10 I would recommend going to the Casper x Standard Sleep-in sessions. This may be a spoiler alert in case you were thinking you were the only one to ever use their balcony for lascivious conduct, but a nice pillow fort and blanket could still really set your night apart nicely.


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