These Are The Weirdest Condoms Ever


Practicing safe sex is important, and if condoms are your method of doing so, you may feel like switching out your perfectly nice, normal lubricated condoms for something…crazier. Here are five of the weirdest condoms we’ve ever come across for the next time you’re trying to weird out your partner as much as humanly possible.

1. Whiskey Flavored Condom


Didn’t get enough of it while you were at the bar before you went home with a dude for the night? Why not just continue the party with these whiskey flavored prophylactics…

2. Nicotine Condoms


Trying to quit smoking? No problem! Just replace your cigarettes with these nicotine infused condoms and kill two birds with one stone. Just make sure your partner is also trying to quit as well, because both of you will feel the effects of the nicotine when these are used. Seriously though…who thought of this?

3. Condometric


I like to think that some ladies keep these tucked away to break out when they get in bed with a dude who has been talking his d*ck up, but in reality, it’s just not that impressive. Tell your partner to put his money where his mouth is with these condoms which feature a ruler on the side to give you an accurate measurement of your dude’s penis. This way you can prove once and for all that he really doesn’t actually need to be buying those magnums (as if).

4. Origami Condoms 


Latex and made with silicone, these unfold into structural masterpieces that look more art than they do protected sex. The shape makes us wonder what they could possibly feel like, but apparently these condoms were designed to “provide unique, pleasurable condoms that people can enjoy using and to increase consumer uptake with consistent use.” Unique? Certainly. Pleasurable? Hm…we’ll have to see.

5. Bacon Condoms 


For those of you who just can’t get enough of bacon, these condoms make your dude’s dick look AND taste like bacon. We wish we could say we are intrigued, but honestly… we’re just terrified.

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