Kim K Is The Artistic Heir To Jane Austen & 6 Other Things You Need To Know This Weekend


A list of seven things that if you didn’t know, now you know:

1. ‘Beyoncé Supposedly Poured a $20,000 Bottle of Wine Into a Hot Tub—and the Internet Is Feeling Some Type of Way About It’

2. David Letterman goes off air. ‘In His Final Bow, Letterman Reminds Us of Late Night’s Illusion of Intimacy‘. But not everyone is reminiscing fondly.

3. ‘Remembering Chinx, Another Rapper Gone Too Soon’

4. Kim Kardashian releases photo-book Selfish; haters become more irrelevant every day: Kim Kardashian Is A Feminist Artist For Our Time

5. California is officially in a state of emergency after an oil pipeline ruptured near the coast of Santa Barbara, in waters that are considered the “Galapagos of North America” due to the numerous endangered whales and birds that habitat the area. Here is some context and here is something to make you smile sadly.

6. An anthropological analysis and breakdown of hate-reading, and an article titled ‘Bruce Jenner Is Not A Woman. He Is A Sick And Delusional Man.’ to get you in the mood.

7. Some of the weird shit Osama bin Laden was reading before he died. 

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