WEEKLY HOROSCOPES: Sept. 12-18, 2016

Welcome to Galore horoscopes, where we’ll advise you on whether to expect drama, chill vibes, hot sex, or all of the above over the coming week.

Peep your sign’s seven-day forecast, starting Monday and ending the following Sunday, below. Pro tip: instead of your sun sign, make sure to read your rising sign as it’s far more accurate.


On September 16th, the spiritual lunar eclipse will take place in Pisces, your 12th house of the unconscious, continuing a deep transformational journey that is cleansing your body, mind, and soul. 12th house matters could be related to anything really since it’s the house of our hidden issues we might not always want to deal with. On the other hand, the 12th house also governs endings. Meditate and listen to your inner voice to find guidance.

Don’t worry too much, last weekend the luckiest planet of our solar system, Jupiter moved into Libra your relationship house. Love planet Venus will join in, helping you to lift some tension and making sure to shine beauty on those unconscious issues that you might have swept under that carpet.

You might have been confusing desire from reality. You really needed your personal space. Think back to March, when these deep-seated issues started emerging into your conscious. 12th House issues could really be anything.

Eclipses manifest a month before or after.

You might have or are about to change your whole course of life this year, perhaps deciding to try a new major or dive into a completely different kind of education. A crisis might hit you now and transform you forever. Expect the unexpected!

Feisty Mars is still in your fellow fire sign, Sagittarius. This is an excellent position for you since Mars is your natural ruler and placed in your sister sign Sagittarius, you are feeling real energized and alive.



The Pisces new moon Solar eclipse in the 11th house on Friday will focus on your friendships and acquaintances. You might meet completely new inspirational souls or maybe you will say goodbye to old friends, that are just not meant for you. With the eclipse, this is the time when you and your buddy start growing apart. This is actually very hard for fixed sign Taurus. When you commit to a friendship, you will usually stick forever – you are very loyal and you believe in going through thick and thin. This is all nice and stuff, but sometimes certain friends might be blocking your way to becoming the best version of yourself. Miraculously, as one door closes another will open.

Lucky Jupiter has moved into Libra last week. Libra shares the same planetary ruler as you, charming Venus. Good times are coming!



It’s show time, Gemini! The powerful Pisces Lunar eclipse will fall into your 10th house of career, which will open that huge door of opportunities you’ve been waiting for. Think back to what you started in March, whatever it is might come to fruition, now.

As a multi-talented Gemini you have prepared your bag of tools forever and now is the time to use them and show the world all what you are capable of!

Last week lucky Jupiter entered Libra, your 5th house of fun, romance and lust, making you more sensual than ever. You’re going to look delicious – who would not want a piece of that cake?

With Neptune (the planet of film and television) your 10th house will be a complete powerhouse. You could end up on TV! Or you will launch one of your creative projects, like maybe an app? Who knows? You are full of surprises!


The Lunar eclipse on September 16th in fellow water sign Pisces will fall into your 9th house of higher education, spirituality, and publishing. You might get an opportunity to travel to a long distance destination now or decide to go back to school or at least prepare an application. Eclipses bring opportunities. You will be super energized and should share some of your recent projects with the world. When you work on something you pour all your emotion into it. Somebody might actually discover you and reach out to collaborate or hire you.  This watery eclipse will also want to make you dive deeper into spirituality and metaphysical subjects like astrology, maybe.

Transformative Pluto in your 7th house of partnerships will be supporting you, which means, whatever new adventure you take on, will be backed up 100 percent by your partner.

We know that Cancer sometimes gets insecure, but your partner will be like a solid rock and you will be able to swim in the new Neptunian oceans of endless possibilities and opportunities to reach new horizons.

Feisty Mars in Sagittarius has turned your attention to health, work and routine. You might be working on various projects – which are suddenly coming into your life from all walks of life.

You will have limitless energy from warrior planet Mars but don’t forget to eat or sleep.

The full moon lunar Eclipse in your 9th House of education and higher spirituality will one last time make you think about old values vs. new values. Your deepest beliefs and philosophies were up for questioning the past two years. Spiritual epiphany anyone?



The full moon lunar eclipse in your 8th house is opening the door for new opportunities to earn money or a chance to share and open up emotionally with your special someone.

Just be warned, though: the eclipse might bring up some news about debts or taxes. If you’re looking for financial support to back an artistic project, you will have full cosmic support.

Mars is still in your 5th house of romantic encounters and creativity.

Creative enterprises will bloom and you will have the stamina to work hard day and nights. The fire inside you will be burning baby.

The same goes for your love life. There are steamy nights ahead… The lucky person you’ll choose to spend those nights with should be prepared for that fiery marathon.

This weekend you’ll be able to dive deeper and explore sexy taboos and deep intimacies. What a great week for you Leo, queen of the jungle.



This important lunar eclipse falls in Pisces, your 7th house of relationships and commitments. Remember eclipses are SUPER POWERFUL! Look at what has been happening to you and your relationships and partner especially since early March. There might be some BIG NEWS. Eclipses speed things up. You and your sweetie might have decided to take it a step further and move in together, in the nearer future. With the eclipse hitting that part of your chart circumstances might have mysteriously made it happen that you move in together much earlier than planned.

Same with marriage. You might have planned (Virgos love to plan) to get married in your hometown next year in the late summer. Eclipses can rearrange your life, so you’ll instead decide to fly to VEGAS and get it done and over with over there. Just an example…

Mystical Neptune is also still in your 7th house of other people, so if single, you might meet a dreamy dreamer who will sweep you off your feet. You’ll end up saying yes to one of his artistic ideas like creating something together, a baby, for example, is actually something to create!

Impulsive Mars is still in  your 4th of house family and home. Try to watch conflict at home. You might be criticizing everyone around you. We know that when Virgo criticizes people, it’s because you really care and want the best, otherwise you wouldn’t even bother. But with fiery mars here you will fire up more easily, so little arguments might blow up more than usual. Try to use your energy to maybe renovate your home, paint your walls or rearrange your living room. Make it look fresh, you’ve got that chic, minimalistic taste.



On September 16th, the spiritual Pisces lunar eclipse will fall into your 6th house of work, routine, and health. Eclipses bring signs of change and miraculously, as one door closes another will open.

Maybe you’ll start a new job, that is more powerful and will make you more $! Or the eclipse might illuminate your health. You will find new ways to become healthier, maybe by starting a new gym routine or diet – you might even consider becoming a vegetarian.

If you’ve not been feeling well and ignored some symptoms in the past, now is the time to go see your doctor and schedule check-ups.

Lucky Jupiter has moved into your sign last week, sweet 13 months are in for you! Lovely! Venusian vibes everywhere!



Scorpio! Ahhhh!!! You lucky mofo. This week will be magical exciting and dramatic, like in the movies. The Pisces lunar eclipse on the 16th of September will happen in your 5th house of romantic encounters, TRUE LOVE, creativity, and PLEASURE. Not only will this spiritually charged eclipse fall into this fun house but Neptune will also be there, adding all of the good things. WOW.  You already know that you are one of the sexiest signs of the zodiac, but this month you will definitely be the most fly sign.

Wait, let me take it back, what I meant to say is that “the special someone” who will be spending time with you, could actually be considered the luckiest sign this week, receiving all this irresistible sexy and fun attention from you. When the lights go off I’m sure it will be soul shaking… Oh lord.

This week, the universe LOVES you, my dear Scorpio. This lunar eclipse will also get your creative juices flowing, with so much inspiration from like wherever you happen to look for it.

Mars is still in your second house of finances, so while you are having all this fun take care not to max out your credit card.

Eclipses can give us a complete makeover. A creative masterpiece of yours might be in its final stages now.

This year you might have approached a new way to creativity and romance and may have increased your knowledge, plus improved your talents. The way you give and receive pleasure might have changed completely.

Friends from your past might have come back into your life due to Mercury retrograde. Is that good or bad? You decide!


This solar Eclipse will fall into your 4th house of home and family, which means you might move into a new place or even change cities. Or maybe your roommate will be moving out.

With Neptune conjunct this solar eclipse, your home will be where your heart is. You might even move to a place near the water or you’ll find a crib with a huge bathtub.

This eclipse will be all about endings and completions. This year might have brought changes to your residency or career. A lot has been going on with your parents and siblings, there were a lot of tough lessons, involving your family. Eclipses weren’t exactly gentle and you guys had to stick together through all these tensions. You had to take care of family obligations but hopefully allowed enough free time for yourself as well.

Mars is still in your sign, you won’t even have to drink coffee, that’s how much energy you’ll have. Super busy, super energized and super sexy. Sagittarius.



On Friday there will be a Lunar Eclipse in your 3rd House of communications, neighborhood, and publishing.

You will be a pro at communication, publishing, or even learning a new skill you can add to your already prestigious CV, with the Pisces solar eclipse falling into your third house of communication.

Call up your siblings as they might be having a prime time and pleasant surprises they would love to tell you about. You have big opportunities now to publish. You may print new business cards or publish a new product or web page. With your business savvy way of being, you can only succeed.

With lucky Jupiter having moved into your 10th house of career and reputation last week, nothing can stop you now to get on top of the world and succeed! Jupiter will be gracing that fame part of your chart for about 13 months.



This Friday, the Pisces Lunar eclipse will fall into your 2nd house of income, money, and possessions. YOU might find a new way of earning money, with your innovative mind, I mean who would doubt that? You are ruled by Uranus, the so-called genius planet. Don’t worry if one source of your income might shut down now, eclipses sometimes close doors to open new ones. The same with things that belong to you. Don’t be too attached, I mean you’re not anyway, the eclipse might remove some material possessions that are unconsciously dragging you down, but you might not have been aware of it. Buddha said, “be open to everything yet attached to nothing.”

Neptune being in your 2nd house of income has always two sides to it. With Neptune, the king of the sea, money can come in and leave, just like the tides of the sea. So be careful to adapt to the rhythm, so you can benefit in the end.!

Steve Jobs, the innovator and genius behind Apple, actually was a Pisces, but he had Mercury (planet of the mind) in the sign of innovative Aquarius. He really thought outside the box. So do you, Aquarius!


On Friday, September 16th, the magical full moon lunar eclipse will be taking place in YOUR Sign, dear Pisces. What a big day for you! You will feel so blessed.

A full moon lunar eclipse is always a joyful experience. It will definitely be a new beginning for you. Eclipses are very powerful and it is crazy how certain events suddenly happen, which profoundly transform us. The eclipse will be taking place in your first house of self. This wonderful eclipse in your sign will bring new changes into your life, so you can shine bright like the diamond you are, just like Pisces sister Rihanna. Dreamy Neptune, your ruling planet, will add an extra dose of luck.

Mystic Neptune has been in Pisces for a while now and will stay there until 2026! You will feel very much in your element, maybe even have various psychic insights or some angels might deliver you some important messages.

Pisceans are known to live in their own world, but the truth is you are a very psychic sign — you live in a 4D reality instead of only 3D. You are aware of energies and the spiritual world. You can sense the invisible.

Pisces knows how to work it cause with their water element, they can merge into whatever kind of style and own it.


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