WEEKLY HOROSCOPES: Jan. 2 – 8, 2017

Welcome to Galore horoscopes, where we’ll advise you on whether to expect drama, chill vibes, hot sex, or all of the above over the coming week.

Peep your sign’s seven-day forecast, starting Monday and ending the following Sunday, below. Pro tip: instead of your sun sign, make sure to read your rising sign as it’s far more accurate.



On January 3rd, Venus will sway into dreamy Pisces, your 12th house of the unconscious, bringing beauty to the deepest core of your soul. 12th house matters could be related to anything really since it’s the house of our hidden issues we might not always want to deal with. On the other hand, the 12th house also governs endings. Meditate and listen to your inner voice to find guidance. A spiritual awakening could commence this week. Expect the unexpected!



Venus will enter your social 11th house on Tuesday. You will focus mainly on your friendships and acquaintances. You could meet completely new inspirational souls or even turn friends into lovers, who knows what 2017 brings. Overall this transit of Venus, your planetary ruler, will make you one of the most charming people in the room.



Charming Venus will turn you into a magnet from Tuesday on. Your career should be booming. Venus in your 10th house can turn your reputation around in a highly positive way. If there are any favors you would like to ask your boss or even a raise, now is the time. Don’t be shy, trust the universe!



This week, lovely Venus moves into fellow water sign Pisces, your 9th house of higher education, spirituality, and publishing. You might get an opportunity to travel to a long distance destination now or at least think about it. Make sure to leave the house, though, love planet Venus in your exotic 9th house could bring a sexy foreigner into your life! Caliente… what a magical start into 2017!



Venus in your erotic 8th house brings a chance to share and open up emotionally with your special someone. If you’re looking for financial support, you will have full cosmic support. All you have to do is ask. Most importantly, there are steamy nights ahead. The lucky person you’ll choose to spend those nights with should be prepared for that hot marathon. This weekend you’ll be able to dive deeper and explore sexy taboos and deep intimacies. What a great week for you Leo, queen of the jungle.



Venus the seducer and charmer will be moving into Pisces your 7th house of relationships and commitments. What a sweet week for you.  If single, you might meet a dreamy dreamer who will sweep you off your feet. You’ll end up saying yes to one of their artistic ideas like creating something together, watch out what your lover means by creating, though.



Venus, your planetary ruler, aka the love planet, moves into dreamy Pisces your 6th house of health and routine. You’ll be focusing more on health work and fitness. If you are back in the office, it could very likely happen that a co-worker wants to meet you for a drink after work. You should go for it! Start 2017 on a naughty note!





Scorpio, you lucky mofo. This week will be magical exciting and dramatic, like in the movies… Venus in Pisces will sway into your 5th house of romantic encounters, true love, creativity, and pleasure. You already know that you are one of the sexiest signs of the zodiac, but this month you will definitely be an ultra magnet. The universe loves you, my dear Scorpio. Venus will also get your creative juices flowing, with so much inspiration from like wherever you happen to look for it.



Peacemaker Venus is moving into your 4th house of home and family, which means you should have a lovely time at home and with your folks. Venus is exalted in Pisces, bringing some extra sweet harmony into your home and family life, in case the holidays happened to be too turbulent and wild for you.



You will be a pro at communication, publishing, or even learning a new skill you can add to your already prestigious CV, with Venus moving into Pisces, your third house of communication. Call up your siblings as they might be having a prime time and pleasant surprises they would love to tell you about. This is also a planetary potent time to use social media for dating! Let the swiping begin!



This Tuesday, Venus will move into Pisces, your 2nd house of income, money and possessions. You might find a new way of earning money, with your innovative mind, I mean who would doubt that? You are ruled by Uranus, the so-called genius planet. Watch out not to overspend, though. Venus is the planet of pleasure and when in your financial sector you could only think about shopping. Neptune being in your 2nd house of income has always two sides to it. With Neptune, the king of the sea, money can come in and leave, just like the tides of the sea. So be careful to adapt to the rhythm, so you can benefit in the end.



On Tuesday lovely Venus will be moving into your sign, dear Pisces. You will be radiating and make heads turn. What a glamorous week for you. You are the dream. If you want to go shopping or update your look do so, while Venus graces you. Pisces knows how to work it cause with their water element, they can merge into whatever kind of style and own it.

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