Weekly Horoscopes: Jan. 16 – 22, 2017

Welcome to Galore horoscopes, where we’ll advise you on whether to expect drama, chill vibes, hot sex, or all of the above over the coming week.

Peep your sign’s seven-day forecast, starting Monday and ending the following Sunday, below. Pro tip: instead of your sun sign, make sure to read your rising sign as it’s far more accurate.


When the sun tours Aquarius, it hits your social 11th house, Aquarius is the zodiac’s most social and group loving sign. The 11th house is also known as the house of dreams and goals.

The crazy Aquarian energy might influence you to shock others, by taking big risks. It is important to go after what your heart desires even if it makes you look odd at times. Go bold and make your dreams a reality.

It is vital to communicate your desires with your closest peers. If everybody is aware of what you want, it is easier for them to support you fully.


This week you will have the bright sun in Aquarius, gracing your reputation sector. Spotlights are shining on you. Use the planetary energy to your benefit and update your reputation. How would you like people to see you as?

Now is the time to ask for support from your superiors or an authority figure. Don’t be shy. Rise up to the top. This might be your big break! You are shining bright like a diamond, attracting all kinds of VIPs! Your love life should be sweet too.


The sun is moving into fellow air sign Aquarius, your expansive 9th house, Aquarius is the sign associated with innovation and freedom. The most brilliant ideas could pop into your head this week. Make sure to write them down before you get busy and forget about them.

You may be taking a little trip. Go for it, if work or school allows you to take some time off. Try to sign up for some meditation as well, since the 9th house is associated with higher forms of spirituality. Have faith in the bigger picture of life.


With the sun moving into your financial sector and house of other people’s money, you may decide to start paying off your debts and put an end to your financial mistakes, so you can start fresh and save up funds for the future.

Use the planetary support to have a safe 2017. How about getting rid of old furniture or clothing? Trust me it will feel so good. Out with the old, in with the new!


The sun will be in Leo your opposite sign, which means the focus will be on your partnerships. Are you going to be in full control or are you ready to let go and relax a little? Your choice.

A partner in crime can be so much fun, though. If Single, you could meet somebody new. Make sure to dress up and leave the house. You sure know how to show people a good time!


Dear Virgo, you have been working very hard. When the sun moves into your daily work sector more projects could be on the way. Your nervous system may feel a little overloaded. So take care of your health right now, I know it’s hard since you keep working late and have so much on your plate.

No doubt you went through a period of stress since you are part of so many projects currently. Make sure you eat a healthy diet.


Libra you charmer. You have an intense but lucky and fun filled week coming up, thanks to the sun moving into your sister sign Aquarius.

The sign Aquarius has the same element as you, air. Electrifying conversations are highlighted this week. A creative project might come to fruition now. It could be a creative project that will help you make money.

Remember Jupiter, the luckiest planet, is still in your sign.



This week, the bright sun enters Aquarius, your 4th house of family and home. This is a highly positive planetary vibe to have especially at the beginning of 2017. It could also be very likely now, that you update your residential situation. If not, try to use your energy to renovate your home, paint your walls or rearrange your living room. Turn your shack into the palace you deserve to live in.


The rad sun is moving into Aquarius, your 3rd house of communication and siblings. You might be receiving marvelous news from your sis or bro. Sweet. If you happen to work in advertising or the media, a project could be reaching its peak now. The Aquarius sun is a very positive one and likes to innovate.

When the sun transits through your 3rd house, which is also associated with short distance travel, it could happen, that you’ll leave town for the weekend. Enjoy!



With the dynamic Aquarius sun entering your 2nd house of money and income, the main topic for you will be money. There is no other sign as determined as you when channeling your energy towards something. You are the boss of the zodiac. Money will be consuming your mind. Set yourself a goal. Plan carefully ahead to make 2017 a prosperous year.



HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AQUARIUS! This Sunday, the Sun moves into your sign, to stay for a whole month. You will be the superstar of the month with full cosmic support. Good vibrations all the way, dear Aquarius! This week and the whole month is bringing a supreme positive energy that will make you feel ultra fulfilled. Opportunities should be coming to you easily this week. Get wild and celebrate your existence!


Try not to indulge too much in alcohol or drugs during the Aquarius season. You’ll be much more sensitive to substances with the current solar energy. Try and do something creative instead, as you might discover hidden talents. Make sure to write down whatever you dream about these nights, since ideas that come up in your dreams, could be the next big thing. When the sun lights up the subconscious like this any kind of secrets can come as a surprise to you.

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