Weekly Horoscopes: Feb. 29 – March 6, 2016

Welcome to Galore horoscopes, where we’ll advise you on whether to expect drama, chill vibes, hot sex, or all of the above over the coming week.

Peep your sign’s seven-day forecast, starting Monday and ending the following Sunday, below. Pro tip: instead of your sun sign, consider reading your rising sign as it’s far more accurate.


The orderly Virgo Full Moon last week has brought you back to basics regarding health and routine. This week you might indulge in some last minute bedroom business, while Mars will be finishing its steamy ride through your eighth house of deep sexuality and intimacy, where it has been since Jan. 4.

I am sure you got a good dose of merging with your special someone the past month…

Red hot Mars will move on into your ninth house on March 5. Enjoy those last steamy intimate nights, since from now on you’ll be focusing your energies more on travelling, higher education, and spirituality. If you had stress with taxes or any expenses, this now shall pass, too.

On March 5, Mars, your natural ruler, the planet of action and drive, will square Mercury, the planet of thought and communication. Your actions might not match up with your thoughts and vice versa.


As soon as feisty Mars enters your eighth house, you will be bringing sexy back. Try to release that built-up pressure from February, and use your sensual raw energy between the sheets to get loose. Interestingly, with the sun meeting up with foggy Neptune in your 11th house, you will want to explore social taboos, whatever that means for you. You will know what your secret forbidden desires are.

Jupiter, the lucky planet of opportunities which is touring your fifth house of romance and creativity, is still retrograde. Old lovers may come back into your life, but with Jupiter in the mix, issues usually will be solved in a grand, easygoing way.

Watch out not to get too jealous or possessive over a lover while Mars is in your eighth house, which naturally is the house of Scorpio. Pay attention, there might be some fight about an inheritance.


With the Virgo full moon in your communication house you probably have posted a photo or published some of your work, which you are still receiving love and praise for now. Make sure to keep on focusing on career until the end of the month. Fab-uary has been very important for you to go up that ladder of success. Even if you are exhausted, do not give up, since you will generously be rewarded for your hard work.

While sexy Mars was in Scorpio, you might have been very flirty and a tremendously creative in your endeavors. On Saturday, fiery Mars will be moving into Sagittarius, which rules your sixth house of health and routine. You’ll have the energy to actually hit the gym and properly work out. Be careful not to be too bitchy or bossy at work. We all know you have been sacrificing a lot of your time but make sure to take your energy and turn it into positive enforcement. Venus, the planet of love, is still still chilling in your eighth house of deep sexuality. You might be driving some admirers wild, without even realizing, since the power of Venus is gifting you with sexy magnetism.


Gemini, you have full cosmic support since the Sun, Neptune, and Mercury will be in your 10th house of career. This is the best time to manifest your dreams. You’ll be shining bright like a diamond.

On Saturday, Mars enters your house of other people, which means you could be attracting very powerful people this month, some who might help you advance even more in your career.

On Sunday, watch out, the Sun will be squaring Saturn in your seventh house of relationships. Someone might not be able to handle your great energy and be envious of your success.

Make sure you have good people around you, who support you at all times.


On March 5, Mars moves into Scorpio, your fourth house of home and family. Mars in this area of the chart always brings drama into the home front. Arguments with family and siblings might just pop up out of nowhere. Thankfully we tend to forgive our family members, even if we are capable of saying the meanest, most evil things at times. When you grow up with someone, you know just how to hit that spot that hurts the most. Luckily you’re a Leo, so drama is part of your everyday life anyway, and nobody can handle it as good as you.

On the positive side, Mars in the fourth house can make you impulsive about finally buying that property you wanted.

The Sun, your ruler, will meet up Neptune in your eighth house of deep sexuality, which means you will be projecting dreamy magnetism out of your heart center. With Venus still in Aquarius, in your Partnership zone, someone could get high off your love.


Kicking off the week with an ever so sweet Sun/Neptune conjunction in your seventh house of relationships, you will feel like you and your other half are floating in paradise. If single, you could attract an enchanting musician into your life.

Later in the week, Mercury will join Neptune and the Sun, maybe you’ll start singing songs as well now, since Neptune rules Music, Mercury communication and the Sun the stage.

The psychic full moon last week took place in your sign and helped you start a new chapter in your life. The new you feels invincible and ready to take on any challenge that comes your way. Watch out when quick-witted Mercury squares fiery Mars on Saturday. You might be too honest and harsh with your words towards a work college. We know you mean well and you are very perfectionist. Try to communicate that your criticism comes from a place of love and care.


If at the Virgo full moon, your indecisive soul made the decision to let that person go out of your life for good, or instead you decided to fully accept them, now you’ll have no excuse whatsoever not to go full speed ahead, Libra.

With the Sun and Neptune in Pisces hanging in your sixth house you’ll want to make a change in the world, through your work and services. The peace striving Piscean Sun and Moon combo awakens the real humanitarian in you.

March 5, powerful gutsy Mars moves into Sagittarius your 11th house of social media, and your global community, you will be able to really influence your followers and get even more souls wanting to join your potent movement.

Mercury will be squaring Mars so be careful when planning your budget as you might miscalculate some digits and end up loosing $$.


Monday’s Virgo full moon linked you up with fair team players. And with the energy of Mars you were the boss not just guiding everyone into the right direction but as well were able to ensure making those VIP contacts for everyone to benefit from.

On March 5, fighter Mars will move from your sign into Sagittarius, which rules your financial house. If you and your gang pitched a project, now is the time to sort out the finances. Be fair and plan ahead carefully, since Mars can make you hot headed sometimes.

Sun plus Neptune in Pisces, your 5th house of romance and pleasure, will make you shine in a very mysterious dreamy way. You will be able to easily lure attractive victims into your sexy world.


You might have spent more money than you actually planned on, due to Mars being in your second house of income. The good news though, is that on the 5th of March, Mars will finally leave that sector of your chart.

Exactly, warrior HOT Mars will be moving into YOUR sign this week! Sagittarius already being a fire sign, this will get that fire boosted even more with red hot Mars in the mix. You will be a charismatic volcano ready to erupt.

Mars only travels through each sign like every two years. It’s up to you to make those bold moves. Be courageous and go get all the things you always wanted. Don’t forget that Venus is still in Aquarius, your 3rd house, try out that new bar that opened up, because you could be meeting someone new, fresh and sexy from your hood.

Mars kicks off a new adventurous time. Tabasco will be envious of you.


March 5th  strong Mars will move into your 12th house of the unconscious. A lot of passive aggressive energy will be stirred up, like a little tornado inside of you. The thing is, you won’t quite know why, since the 12th house also holds the secrets you mostly even hide from yourself. I suggest you do some t’ai chi instead of Yoga –> get that inner warrior out. Release those negative emotions inside of you. Open your heart chakra and let your energy flow.

Trying to sleep at night might be more difficult at the moment, since nightmares might hunt you now. Try to encode the messages even if they scare you. In order to grow we need to face our fears and conquer them.

The planet of communication, Mercury, will square Mars, financial issues you might have buried will be back in focus, not in the most pleasant way though. If you survive this week, you’ll be invincible. My thoughts are with you, dear Capricorn.


With the magic of the Virgo full moon, you might have received that bonus… yes?! Or did you finally make that deep erotic fantasy happen, which you were secretly thinking about for the past few months? Go getter Mars will be wrapping up its journey through your 10th house of career. Coworkers might have experienced your more competitive side.

On March 5th though after rising to the top, Mars in Sagittarius your 11th, house of collaborations and tech will team you up with like minded individuals. You will have the energy and drive to launch your new inventions. The same day, communicator Mercury will enter Pisces your financial sector, if you happen to launch your project on Kickstarter, you’ll be lucky when trying to raise funds.


After the Virgo full Moon lit up your relationship house last Monday, you either ended things for good or went and took one step further with your sweetie, by making your bond official.

Hustler planet Mars will move from your higher spiritual ninth house into your career sector. You’ve been reevaluating your belief system, so you can go full speed into career modus on March 5.

Even though it’s going to be like a race at work, plenty of opportunities will be given to you. It’s time to turn your dreams into reality, dear Pisces. Go and get that promotion!

Coupled with the sun in your sign this month, nothing is stopping you, Ready, set, go!

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