This Hook Up Position Of The Week Celebrates America!

According to a recent survey, a whopping 75% of Americans have done it on the Fourth of July. Even better? One in five of couples said their hook ups took place outside. Seeing as tomorrow is Independence Day, what better time to celebrate your sexual independence than getting it on with some fireworks (no, not sparks, literal fireworks) blasting in the background?

While there of plenty of pleasure-worthy, semi-public locations for your fourth of July to go off with a bang, we think the pool is the perfect spot. Why? Because it’s been hot as hell outside, and we already work up a sweat during hook ups when it’s not 100 degrees.


For this position, utilize that pool raft you’ve been lounging on for something more active. Lay face down (butt up?), and let your back get some color while your dude gets his nut. Obviously, the water needs to be shallow and it would be ideal if you have a private pool. Otherwise, you may run the risk of getting banned from your local pool club (make it worth it if you do).

Happy Fourth of July, Galore babes! Make your own fireworks this weekend!

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