Wearing White After Labor Day Is Fine, But What About Plastic Bags?

Unlike the other 364 days a year where America punishes those of us who work all day to barely get the rent paid with enough money leftover to cover weed, alcohol, and maintain our Netflix subscriptions, Labor Day is the one day a year where we all get to sit back, relax, and scroll through our Instagram feeds without judgement.

Historically, it’s also been the cutoff date for wearing white.  But because this is America, land of the free and home of the YOLO, the only place you shouldn’t be wearing white after Labor Day is to a funeral.  But what about plastic bags?  Outside of Halloween, is wearing one of those ever acceptable?

Apparently, it is in Taiwan.


泰迪酋長(Teddy Captain) via Facebook

Part sustainable fashion, part humble brag about how skinny you are, plastic bags have become a way for Taiwanese women to show that they can literally make anything look cute.  Oh, and understandably, they’re calling their new trend bagcore.

Fashioning their bags into leotard-like garments, usually from the famed conveienence store that inspired Beyonce to record the most inspired song of her career, the women spend the next five minutes trying to reach for their phone without breaking their outfit and ending up naked in the kitchen in the middle of the day.


Belle Xie via Facebook

But what do you think?  Is wearing white after Labor Day really fine?  Is it more acceptable than showing up to your next blind date wearing a plastic bag?  Are all of these questions pointless because we’re all just going to die anyway?

Do yourself a favor and answer all of these questions tomorrow.  Today, you’ve got some luxuriating to do.  Happy Labor Day.

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