Wear Your Best Chanel To Cyber Ghetto’s Disney Dream Wedding

A wedding is just one big party celebrating YOU! And, well, your future life partner, and this milestone that is widely accepted as the inaugural moment of your adult life (face it, how many college grads do you know who should not be certified to live on their own). So a wedding party has to be bigger than a throwback episode of My Super Sweet Sixteen, minus the tantrums. We asked one of our favorite Dutch ladies, and the creator of Cyber Ghetto style, Ruth Laveau, about her day dreams for this oh-so-romantic day.

The bachelorette party: An underground club with pink and purple neon lights, strippers, drag queens and pole dancers

The venue: A big castle, all white decorations with lots of diamonds and silver accents!

My dress, shoes, hair, and underwear: A big white princess wedding dress with diamonds all over it, shoes custom-designed by Karl Lagerfeld, probably a pointed pump in silver-white with sparkles, underneath I’d wear the sexiest lingerie and sheer high knee socks and stay ups for my man. Let’s not forget the baby pink garter! And of course, my hair will be some expensive Malaysian weave in a middle part.

The ring: Simple, but of course with a huge diamond ROCK with our names engraved inside. 

The groom: He better be really cute, have his hair shaved with a fade (i love fades) and wearing a cute white suite

The bridesmaids: They’ll be wearing white and silver strapless dresses and cute platform sandals. Their hair will also be really expensive Brazilian straight virgin hair! And a middle part, because I love middle parts.

The DJ/ Band: I’m going to hire an acid DJ since I love acid so much.

The flowers: A mix of white and baby pink flowers

The cake: Two (or sort-of three) words. Pink AF!

The menu: African , Colombian and Indonesian food nothing more and nothing less !

The drinks: Everything with strange colors, neon-yellow, baby pink, baby blue, purple, green.

The honeymoon: I’d love to go to Indonesia or Vietnam with my boo, just chill at the beach and explore the city…. that would be perfect.

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