How to Wear Big Hoops Without Getting Them Caught On Everything

Hoop earrings have become a staple.

Like so many trends, much of their popularity comes from the Latina and black communities — which sometimes leads to controversy when they’re appropriated without people giving credit to the communities where they originated. They really picked up steam in 70s when the disco look was everything. They still add a kick to any outfit today.

Hoops likely here to stay, but there’s an occupational hazard that comes along with wearing them. The bigger the hoop, the more likely it is that it could get flung out of your ear or, worse, rip your earlobe by getting caught on something.

So here’s how to rock them safely.

1. Keep Your Neck Clear

No scarves or chunky necklaces. Anything that could be bulky around your neck area will definitely get caught on your hoops. The worst that could happen is that you ruin a scarf by picking the fabric, or even breaking the hoops themselves.

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2. Don’t Wear a Jacket With a Hood

If you put a jacket with a hood on before heading out to the club, just remember that you the second you put your hood down, it’s likely that your earrings are going to come with it. So, if it’s raining, use an umbrella instead, or just don’t wear hoops. They’re definitely better suited for dry weather.

3. Take Them Out Before a Hookup

This should really be obvious, but make sure you take them out before you start hooking up with someone! If someone tries to run their hand through your hair, it will get caught on your hoops and it will definitely kill the vibe (not like I’ve been there or anything).

4. No Hugging

The worst thing that could probs happen to you while wearing hoops out is getting them stuck on someone else. Especially while going in for a hug, because un-hooping yourself from someone else’s clothes isn’t just awkward: it’s painful.

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5. Make Sure You Wear Earring Backs

Hoops are notorious for falling out because most of them are sold without backs. The latches they come with are nowhere near as secure as your other earrings, so adding a small plastic back can keep you from loosing them.

6. No Tossing Your Hair

If you’re someone who, like me, tosses their hair literally all the time, you might want to rethink those hoops. If your hoops get caught in your hair, not only are you in for some pain, it’s awkward as f*** to try and get hoops out of  your hair. Not only will you be ripping your earlobes, you will also be ripping out some hair in the process.

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7. No Headphones

Hoop earrings, no matter how cool they look, always force a choice: listening to music, or looking fly as hell. Headphones are the absolute worse offenders of anything on this list. No matter how many times I’ve thought I was above the law of the hoop, my headphones always managed to somehow wriggle themselves into tangling.

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