We Hung Out With Nick Jonas At A Secret Performance In LA

Nick Jonas opened the secret West Hollywood session with his newest single, ‘Chains’. I’d done my research and listened to the track before coming to the event, this man can SING.


Another happy surprise were the artists Nick has chosen to collaborate with on this album. His song, ‘Numb’, he co-wrote on with Mike Posner, the “Cooler Than Me’ singer, songwriter and producer, one of the early champions of the college dorm-room producer phenomenon. Nick gave a shootout to Mike, who was also in the audience to support, before launching into their song. There was a guest performance by up and coming swedish singer Tove Lo too, which was a highlight. Its nice to know that Nick has done his homework and searched out young artists with some real talent, to support him on this big solo debut.

About halfway through the set, it became clear as to what kind of sound Nick has created for his solo debut. With somewhat of a Justin Timberlake vibe, strong bass lines and an emphasis on captivating vocals, the future looks very bright for this former JoBro. You can officially count me in as a fan. Check out all the pix below!

Shot by Angelo Kritikos
Review by Alexandra Mandelkorn






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