We Found The Site Where All Your Fave Instagram Girls Have Been Shopping

Even if you don’t consider yourself a “trend-follower,” you’ve definitely been on Instagram and seen an outfit that you just needed to cop.

Unfortunately, it seems that a lot of the pieces that your fave celebs or bloggers wear are really expensive and hard to find.

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But a new brand that’s popped up in all your fave Instagram girls’ profiles is actually super affordable and accessible. In fact, you’ve probably lusted over a bunch of their pieces without even realizing it, especially if you follow Sahara Ray, Rocky Barnes, Hanna Beth, Naressa Valdes, or any of the other babes that have been rocking it lately.

The brand is called NA-KD, and they literally have clothing for every single trend that’s hot right now. We’ve highlighted some of our faves below.

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1. Vintage Denim

For those of us that don’t have time to dig through rando thrift shops that may or may not have a killer pair of vintage Levis, sites like NA-KD did the hard work for us.

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2. Lace- Up Tops

Whether you want to go thotty or more conservative with your lace-up top, you can’t deny that these trendy cuts are cute af.

3. Mesh

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Easy, breezy, beautiful–and perfect for showing off your cute new bra.

4. Flames

The Thrasher tee craze has throttled into a flame phenomenon, and we’re not complaining. In fact, we’re happy that there are tees like these so we can  avoid being called a “poser.”

5. Slogan Swimwear

A few years ago nobody would be caught dead in a one piece, but suddenly everybody is clamoring for a basic onesie with a cute phrase on it. We love this Rihanna inspired one.

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7. See-Through Pants

Remember that time that Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid had matching see-through pants outfits? Us too. Now is your chance to do the same thing with your BFF.

8. Velvet

Velvet has been the new “it” fabric lately and we totally understand why. It’s super comfy, has a luxe-vibe, and doesn’t have to be crazy expensive. This bomber is perfect layered with another jacket for these cold months, or to transition you into spring.

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