Queer Girl Band MUNA Share Their Music And Best Songs To Lose Your Virginity To

Sitting down with the girls of L.A.’s very own dark pop band on the rise, MUNA, is something that everyone should do at least once in their life, and not just to pick the brains of three fascinating right-brained individuals. MUNA is made up of lead singer Katie, and guitarists Naomi and Josette; three decidedly different, yet equally yoked musicians who communicate their stories through song, which in turn, inevitably stick to your soul.

Their latest self-punishing, yet uptempo, single ‘Promise’ was released only a little over two weeks ago, and has already received much SoundCloud adoration (and Fader attention), proving it’s only a matter of time before the hypnotic effect of MUNA will be rightfully inescapable. I took to the Los Angeles Flower Mart with the girls where we discussed inevitable nerves, favorite movie soundtracks and of course, the story behind the reoccurring flower theme.


I chose to shoot at the flower mart because I’ve noticed you guys always have flowers tied in somewhere with your work, whether it’s on mic stands during a show, or off a grocery bag on your well-choreographed Instagram. Is there a certain significance behind the flowers?

Well, I don’t know, they’re like a symbol of an offering in a way. It’s nice to have things about the process that are ceremonial. Like, even just the act of taping the flowers onto the mic stands.

I love that. I feel there are a lot of little things you guys do that make people wonder, even though they are so simple. I’m also curious, where did the name MUNA come from?

It pretty much came from a long game of word association. We were trying to come up with a name after we had written the songs from our first EP and one of us said “luna” and then one of us said “muna” and that was kind of it. It just felt very right (specifically in all caps).

You’re an all girl band but you’re also an all-girl queer band. Do you think this affects your music or how people perceive your music?

We think it probably does in personal/intrinsic ways, just because we write from our own points of vice. We’d like to think that the only way it really affects the perception of our music is that maybe other queer or marginalized people might relate to it on a different level.

You write all your own music. How do you feel about artists who don’t write original music?

It definitely means a lot to us to know that an artist writes everything that they put out, but that being said there are other ways to connect other than through the pen. We respect artists who are just genuinely great performers, who are capable of bringing meanings to songs, whether or not they wrote them.


Your single “Promise” just came out and has been very well received, even getting attention from the Fader, which is awesome. Was there a lot of anticipation or nervousness behind that before it was put out?

Yeah, definitely. When you don’t have a big team working with you there’s a bit of nervous anticipation with every release. Being confident in the quality and integrity of our work definitely takes away a lot of anxiety. At the end of the day, making music that we all genuinely like and are proud of helps more than anything with that.

As a band, you are sort of focusing a lot on releasing singles right now, but do you see a full album project in the near future?

Depends on what your concept of the “near future” is. We definitely want to put out a full-length project. Right now its just about putting out the best shit that we have the means to create. We don’t want to rush into anything without adequate preparation. An album is absolutely something we see as being on the horizon, though.

On the subject, I feel that albums are so important and we all have either our favorite albums or albums that just remind us of a certain moment in time or situation even. What’s one album that sums up your college experience?

Josette: Kelela’s Cut 4 Me just mostly because I listened to it a lot last year.

Naomi: Blake Mills’ Break Mirrors for basically the same reason as Josette. I listened to it a lot my freshman year so that’ll always remind me of school.

Katie: Kate Bush’s Hounds of Love. I always blasted Cloudbusting riding my bike to class. That or Lil’ Kim’s Notorious K.I.M.

How about an album you wish you lost your virginity to?

 Unanimously: “Music to Make Love To Your Old Lady” By by Lovage.


What album is your go-to post-heartbreak every time?

Katie: Body Talk by Robyn.

Josette: 9 by Damien Rice. So sad.

Naomi: I wish Dirty Sprite 2 would’ve come out earlier.

The album that you would get the artwork tattooed on your body?

Katie: Made In The Dark by Hot Chip. On both tits.

Josette: The White Album by The Beatles.

Naomi: Nicki’s “Anaconda” single artwork.

And just for kicks, favorite movie soundtrack?

Katie: The Breakfast Club soundtrack for sure. I’m Allison, all the way.

Josette: The Deathproof soundtrack.

Naomi: Easy. Tarzan soundtrack. Phil Collins went IN on that shit. Nobody asked him to go that hard, but he did. It’s the best.

Photos by Alexa Johnson

Styling by Erika Flynn

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