We Find Out What Chips Chippy Nonstop Could Eat Forever

We live for lady rappers and although Chippy Nonstop doesn’t define herself as one, we are still 100 percent behind her. We chatted with her about her music and what it’s like being a woman in the industry.

Chippy Nonstop - Galore Mag

Describe your music in four words:
Fun, Innovative, New, Experimental

Have you found that being a female rapper in a male-dominated industry you’re treated differently? Are there any women in the music industry you look up to?
Honestly, I don’t really think rapping is a male dominated industry anymore. I don’t really consider myself a rapper though; I think I’m more pop electronic then rap, which is mostly females. I don’t really have a weird stigma around being a female, I just want to bring other females up also; so me and Kitty (Pryde) started an all girls producers/DJs/ performers party in L.A. at The Lash Social

How did you meet Kreayshawn?
We met on NYE hella years ago, Diplo introduced us, but her friend Avian knew who I was from the internet, I wasn’t hella familiar with her at the time, but we became close friends shortly after.

These days it seems like everyone’s a rapper. Any advice for standing out?
I don’t think anyone should go out of their way to try and stand out, you either do or you don’t. I didn’t really have a formula to “stand out” I just did what I wanted and let people pay attention if they wanted to or not.


You have a huge online following—do people recognize you on the street, and do you have any crazy fan stories?
I mean I live in L.A. right now, I don’t really wander on the streets At parties, yes and when I lived in NYC if I was in the LES, I would get stopped once in a while to get pictures taken with me. Most of my fans online are intense, they send me crazy messages about wanting to kill themselves or stories about their f***ed up families and really deep shit, which is always the craziest thing to me that people trust me enough to get advice from me.

Your friends nicknamed you “Chippy” because you’re always eating chips. If you could only eat one kind of potato chip for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Flaming Hot Lays

Dream collaboration:
Zedd. Calvin Harris. Hudmo. Rustie.

You joked on twitter that you’ve had sex with the guys in Miley Cyrus’s video for We Can’t Stop. If you could hook up with any Disney star who would it be?
I wasn’t joking [Laughs] and the tan fool from Dog With a Blog.

Chippy Nonstop - Galore Mag

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