We Don’t Care About Your Thigh Gap

Ah, looks like Urban Outfitters has come under fire yet again. This time it’s for having an underwear model who was “noticeably underweight” and had a “significant gap between [her] thighs.” Yes, she is a model… usually they are underweight.. and many have the hotly debated thigh gap. I’m not usually a fan of Urban Outfitters, but personally I think the British Advertising Standards Authority is nit-picking here. I’m sure you could find thousands of models in print that have thigh gaps (photo-shopped or not), even if Urban takes the image down, girls are sure to find other “thinspiration” somewhere else.



Besides, Why do people want thigh gaps so badly anyways? When I was a tiny little high-schooler, I would have traded my thigh-gap for a J.Lo caliber ass any-day. And prove me wrong, but I have never seen a chick with super skinny thighs and a big ass. Sorry, it just doesn’t work that way.


While I did just post a pretty exaggerated comparison image, I am certainly not going to pull the “real women have curves” or “no dog wants a bone” thing. If you’re naturally skinny, you’re sexy. If you’ve got luscious thighs and a bootylicious ass, you’re sexy. While you shouldn’t be basing your body on what guys like regardless; there will always be guys that love super thin chicks, and guys that appreciate a thicker girl.


Lately it seems like the war on skinny people has trumped the war on obesity. While both extremes can be dangerous, why can’t we all just work on our own bodies instead of worrying about everyone else’s?

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