NERVO Talks Beer Pong, Secret Talents, And Whether You Can Trust Leo DiCaprio


Australian DJ duo NERVO live in London, summer in Ibiza, hold down a residency in Vegas, and regularly jet set around the globe to different gigs. No matter—they still made some time to catch up on girl talk with us. Miriam and Olivia, better known as Mim and Liv, gave us the lowdown on their hidden talents, beauty tips and thoughts on Bradley Cooper.

Are you guys good dancers?

Liv Nervo: [Laughs] We’re actually such bad dancers. Every time we’re in Los Angeles, we take dance classes on Wednesday nights. Mim thinks she’s the worst in the whole class, so we’re going to go and practice. And you know, we do it to have a bit of fitness. It’s funny that you should mention dance, because we’re going to go dancing tomorrow night.

Where is your fashion most influenced by?

LN: We’re influenced by our home in London. We live near Portobello market, so we’re really into all the markets. I think our style is quite eclectic. We pick up a lot of our rad style in Los Angeles. There’s such a cool young punk thing going on in L.A. right now, and we love all the colors and wild designers, like Moschino, and Jeremy Scott’s loud kind-of streetwear.

And you guys worked with L’Oreal right? What beauty tips do you have for us?

Liv: Yeah, we worked with Covergirl. Take your make up off at night, and be sure to wear a hat in the sun, because it will fry you.

Do you guys surf?

LN: Badly, I mean, we can get up sometimes, but we’re not surfers. We’re about as good at surfing as we are at dancing [Laughs]

Are you good at any sports?

LN: Hmm, sports—I’m a good sport! [Laughs]

[Laughing] That’s a good answer.

LN: We love tennis, but we’re not very good at it. We could use our twin telepathy and maybe challenge another brother DJ duo. That’d be good fun. We could do like an EDM open somewhere. Oh! We’re really good at drinking sports!

You’re good at beer pong?

LN: Yeah, we just recently learned how to play. I’m no good at ping pong, but I wanted to try beer pong, and I’m better at that because I get to drink, I think.


And so not sports, not dancing—what’s your hidden talent?

LN: We’re really great cooks. We love to cook, we love to host dinner parties. We’re good entertainers that way. We actually do the cooking ourselves.

What’s your signature dish?

LN: We’ve got so many. We’re really into trout right now. We do a citrus baked trout, which chives, fennel, orange, and thinly sliced lemon and lime.

Are you guys big on dessert?

LN: I do a good crème caramel. We always eat so much at dinner that we never leave room for dessert. Unless we hang around for so long that we’re able to let the food go down.

Okay, that makes sense. Do you guys have any celebrity crushes?

LN: Ooh, good question. Mim’s totally been crushing on Robert Pattinson ever since she saw Twilight. I’ve basically had a gigantic crush on Leonardo DiCaprio forever.

You know, I love Leo forever, but every time I see photos of him at clubs, I’m like, you’re so gross! So sleazy!

LN: I know what you mean, because he doesn’t really look like he makes an effort. But it’s also kind of cool because he definitely doesn’t give a fuck and that’s cool.

Yeah, except when I see the headlines that are like, “Leo goes home with 20 models!”—

LN: Do you think that’s really true?

Well yeah, because listen, he was just like some talented little kid who got so successful and now he can do whatever he wants.

LN: Yeah, I feel like young, successful, very famous people are kind of ruined. You don’t want to get too successful or famous too young, because people treat you so differently and you don’t really get a chance to be normal. So then maybe I shouldn’t meet Leo because then my fantasy will be spoiled. Oh, Bradley Cooper’’s quite hot! Oh man, I just screamed that out, sorry—

He doesn’t really seem reliable.

LN: Oh, but what about the Hemsworth brothers? They’re both so hot, and the older one loves his wife, which just makes you want him even more.

Oh my god, and he love his baby so much. You can tell he really loves his baby so much!

LN: [Laughing] Listen to us! We’re such chicks right now!

We are, I know. Speaking of the Hemsworth brothers—what are your favorite movies?

LN: Oh, so Mim loves Gone Girl, but that’s not her favorite. Her favorite is Romeo with Juliet, with Leo, of course. You’re going to laugh, but The Lion King is a movie I could watch for 40 years, and I would be totally fine. I love how Simba falls in love with Nala, and sees Mufasa in the clouds. I love The Lion King.

All photos courtesy of Chloe Paul

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