#WCW: Halloween Edition

What’s better than Man Crush Monday? Woman Crush Wednesday of course. Not only are we half way through the week, that much closer to the weekend and two days away from Halloweem (!!!) but girl crushes are just so much more fun than man crushes. After all, what is scarier than a gorgeous gal fighting off those scary monsters (or possibly being one of the monsters)? Here are some horror movie babes who we are currently crushing on this Wednesday.

Morticia Adams
The Halloween Queen! Always dressed in black, with a love for all things morbid, Morticia was a loving mother and sexy wife- just a little bit darker. Which is, of course, why we were and are obsessed with her.

Angelique Bouchard, Dark Shadows
With her low cut, all black ensembles, vengeful spirit and habit of kissing and killing (or at least cursing) the men of the movie, Angelique is one witch who we would love to have teach us a thing or two.

Madison, American Horror Story
Fearless, guiltless and lethal, Madison might be the most killer telekinetic in horror since Carrie. Only with an arsenal of cruel one liners and enviable gothic outfits.

Katrina Van Tassel, Sleepy Hollow
Christina Ricci has been the gothic princess of horror since her days as Wednesday Adams. All grown up in Sleepy Hollow, Ricci plays a damsel in distress with a dark side. And her edgy period costumes don’t hurt either.

Kim, Edward Scissorhands
Where there is horror (or at least creepiness) there is Winona Ryder. Full grown and playing it a bit more innocent than in Beetlejuice, Winona’s chemistry with Depp here cannot be denied. And her sweet aesthetic makes a great contrast to Depp’s pasty, PVC clad Edward.

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