How To Fix Your Dying Relationship

Being a girl isn’t easy. But one of the areas in life where we do tend to excel is getting things for free (particularly from boys). Whether it’s a drink, a meal, or an Uber ride; boys seem to either be trying to make up for the fact that the majority of men still get paid more than women, or simply just trying to get laid.

Unfortunately, it seems that sometimes the richest guys are the ones that are the biggest assholes. Maybe it’s the fact that they’re used to getting what they want, or the fact that gold-diggers are throwing themselves at rich dudes constantly. But either way, the guy buying you bottles at the club is probably not the loyal, devoted guy that you’ve been searching for.

While every girl dreams of a boo who will rent out 5-star hotels for weekend trips and surprise her with a brand new pair of Louboutins, the reality is that some dudes have a lot more grindin’ to do before they can afford to spoil a girl.

And what about you? While you’d love to get your boyfriend a new Ferrari for his 21st birthday, you’re likely going to have to work extra shifts just to be able to buy him a new video game.

Instead of swearing off of relationships until you get your bank account in check, think back to a simpler time when you didn’t look up a guy’s net worth before deciding whether or not to sleep with him, and use some cheap but effective ways to show your love:

Write Letters

Ryan Gosling’s character in The Notebook may have had to write 365 letters to win his chick… but in the end, it worked! With technology becoming more and more impersonal (or personal, if you count the dick pics you get on snapchat daily), a simple post-it note goes a long way. Maybe girls can appreciate this more than guys because of their natural affinity for romance, but either way, there’s something incredibly personal and sexy about a hand-written note.

Give Flowers

Flowers are a cliché, and I generally hate clichés when it comes to love. However, flowers are only a cliché because there are certain events when you expect them (ie: Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, graduation, etc). If flowers are randomly given on a Tuesday during lunch break, they can make your partner go crazy (in a good way, of course). While you might be reading and thinking, “Hey, Ashley, I tried to get flowers for my boo last week and they were expensive af,” you’re looking in the wrong places. Unless you’re ballin,’ don’t buy a damn edible arrangement. Pick some flowers from your neighbor’s back yard and tie that ribbon you found in your closet around them. If that’s a little too ghetto for you, buy flowers from street vendors, they are way cheaper than a legit flower shop.

Cook Dinner

Your man might dream of Brazilian Steakhouses on his birthday, but the only place you can afford to take him is Steak and Shake. Instead of shelling out your hard-earned cash for an overpriced bowl of mashed potatoes that look like the kind they serve n your college dining hall, cook at home. It doesn’t sound romantic, but I promise it can be. Plus, it’s an excuse to finally buy all the ingredients you need for that one Pinterest recipe for Lobster mac and cheese. Plus, while you might have gotten kicked out of Olive Garden last time you tried to give a hand-job under the table, there are no indecent exposure laws in your own kitchen!

Remember Everything (And I Mean Everything)

The thing about dudes who buy girls Tiffany’s necklaces and red roses for Valentine’s Day is that they’re not original whatsoever. I mean seriously, did you have any idea what your girl wanted for Valentine’s Day? Or did you and all your bros with girlfriends decide to go to Tiffany & Co. together and pick out different variations of the classic heart necklace? And do you even know what your chick’s favorite flowers are? I doubt it. Maybe I’m getting personal here, but I would rather receive a spiked choker from Claire’s than a Tiffany & Co. necklace. Why? Because I fucking love spiked chokers, and I hate Tiffany’s. While it’s nice to know that a guy doesn’t mind spending money on you, I’d rather receive something personal than an expensive gift that could’ve been for any girl in the world.

Back to the point, if you know your man’s favorite gum is Big Red and you buy him Big Red at 711 on the way to his house, you’re an awesome girlfriend. Sure, the gum was probably paid for with the extra change lying around your purse, but you still remembered that his favorite gum was Big Red. This might be a really basic example, and I don’t want dudes thinking that they can stock up on every flavor of Trident Layers and immediately get laid, but you get my point.

Use Your Artistic Abilities To Your Advantage

You are not Picasso. Your significant other knows that they’re not dating Picasso, and they’re completely okay with that. But, if you have any artistic ability whatsoever, you should utilize it in your seduction process. It doesn’t have to be a wall-size painted masterpiece or a fully orchestrated love song, it can literally be a doodle or a 5-chord rendition of “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction. Even if you have no artistic or musical talent whatsoever, it’s the thought that counts. Think off all the shitty pictures you drew as a kid that your mom still kept because she loves you.

While girls and guys alike can probably save money by being single, it’s not a legitimate excuse to avoid a relationship. If somebody likes you for you (and not what’s in your bank account), they’ll appreciate your shitty cartoon drawings of Spongebob Squarepants and chicken scratch love notes because they’re from you, and not from anyone else.

Do you have other tricks to show you care without cashing out? Leave your tips in the comments below!

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