Introducing WATERBED, The Pop Duo Of Your Dreams

Meet your new favorite band: WATERBED. The Cali future-pop duo Cat and Chad are making stylish music from another dimension. Their self-titled EP just dropped and while it’s only three songs long, we’re loving every minute of it. Get to know WATERBED from their UFO influences to their deep love of the ’90s.

Waterbed, Angelo Kritikos, Galore

First things first: How did you come up with the name WATERBED?
We were at the beach, body surfing and floating in the water when Cat came up with it out of the blue. We both loved the name instantly!

Did either of you own a waterbed growing up?
No, but there’s still time!

Waterbed, Angelo Kritikos, Galore

What are 3 of your fave ’90s trends?
Bowl cuts, Tamagotchi and light-up velcro shoes.

What’s your fave track from the new EP?
“do2me” is really fun to dance to but we love “day n nite” and “weave” just as much! They’re like our kids.

Waterbed, Angelo Kritikos, Galore

You guys write and produce everything yourselves. Where do you feel most creatively fulfilled?
They are each creatively fulfilling in their own way; they all make up our bigger vision and balance each other out. Sometimes after a ton writing and recording, all we want to do is go play live. We love the variety.

How would you describe your killer performance style?
Surprising, electrifying and X-treme!

Waterbed, Angelo Kritikos, Galore

Who do you take some major inspiration from?
Mainly aliens. From earth: Queen, The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Joni Mitchell, Cyndi Lauper, Nirvana, Sister Nancy, Sonic Youth, Aphex Twin, Spice Girls, Limp Bitzkit, M.I.A., MGMT.

What about a dream collab?
Zayn Malik

Waterbed, Angelo Kritikos, Galore

What’s next!?
We’re always making beats and writing. We’re releasing new songs one at a time until our album’s out!

Waterbed, Angelo Kritikos, Galore

Photo story by: Angelo Kritikos

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