Watch Trans Model Hari Nef Go On A First Date And Get Stalked By Bigfoot

There’s nothing quite like a first date.

From that awkward moment where neither of you is quite sure what to say, to the first time you feel brave enough to try slipping your hand into the sweaty, outstretched palm of your date, it can all be enough to make you want to die.

Wait? Die?

According to The Drums, yes.

Staring trans model and Tumblr darling Hari Nef, The Drums’ music video charts a flegling couple’s doomed first date. Even though they didn’t know it when they were eating grapes in the forrest, or taking a romantic stroll along the desolate underbelly of LA, they were being stalked by a heartbroken, and bloodthirsty bigfoot with a penchant for interpretive dance.

Here’s what Nef had to say of the experience:

“Jonny Pierce [her co-star] was the third person I met in Los Angeles when I moved here for the summer in late June. I found him funny, magnetic, stylish, and easy to talk to. I was not surprised when I found out that he was a rock star. When he asked me to feature in the next video for The Drums, I was surprised. I had never envisioned myself as the ingenue of a romantic comedy–even a romantic comedy gone wrong. I related to the video’s notion of embodying cliches in order to break them. Filming was a treat!”

And so is watching the music video.

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