Watch North West Handle The Paparazzi Just Like Her Parents

Despite being born to perhaps two of the most famous people on the planet, North West says “NO” to photos from the paparazzi. In the video below, North rejects photos while leaving her ballet class. The video, posted on Instagram, demonstrates North’s pizzaz and strength, even though she’s only two years old. She clearly articulates, “I said no pictures!” In response, her babysitter says, “She says no pictures,” in a baby voice.

While this video is certainly cute, it begs the question of why the paparazzi keeps snapping photos, anyway. Although celebrity photographers are known for harassment and an inability to allow private moments for stars; this crosses the line. If a two year old girl tells you to stop taking her picture, STOP TAKING HER PICTURE.

Children of celebrities should have a say in their upbringing and not constantly have to be stopped by photographers. A young girl, born to any parents, should be able to leave ballet class and walk to the car. Adults may be able to handle this kind of nuisance, but a two year old girl shouldn’t have to stand up for herself against a gaggle of creeping photographers. But, if there’s one kid who can, trust that it’s Kim and Kanye’s daughter…

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