Why Can’t Watching A Movie Mean Just That?


Netflix is a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing on those days when you’re sick in bed, going through a break-up, don’t feel like putting on normal clothes, just want to stay in bed, feel like binge watching your favorite show etc. But it’s a curse when a guy uses it as his invitation to come over and f*ck.

It’s a real game changer now because men are allowed to use this movie line on us because it’s the perfect way to disguise their true intentions. I mean I have more respect for the guy who doesn’t try to cover it up. In fact, I will call the guy out. Do you really want to watch a movie or are you just trying to hit it? Honestly I need to know this sh*t because if we’re really going to watch movies and I’m going to come back to my place afterwards then I don’t have to shave my legs.

Too much information? Well I would rather be informed early on then surprised with his boner as I’m trying to watch The Departed. Because that’s a movie you need to really watch and focus on. You can also tell, ladies, if he’s trying to get it in by the movie he puts on.

He’s already seen it before? Well then obviously he doesn’t care to watch it again. He’s more into watching you and getting down and dirty.

Scary movie? He doesn’t know how to make a first move and needs something to jump at him so he can have an excuse to hold your hand or grab your boob. Whichever is closer.

Action/Drama? He probably needs something to help build up the courage to kiss you or throw you on top of his bed.

Indie/Documentary? Maybe he’s actually into it, wants to build a stimulating conversation, pour you a glass of wine then make-out for 3 hours.

Comedy? He can’t handle horror aka it doesn’t matter what you want to watch. He’s going to put on comedy and assume you’ll love it until he can figure out the fastest way to take your bra off.

Anyway, it’s a sad realization to think how our culture must decode the opposite sex now. Because even if men want to act as if they’re slick and we haven’t caught up- we all know that movies = sex.

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