Watch Kesha Get Snubbed By Petty Qwine Jerry Seinfeld

Kesha hasn’t had the best of luck recently, and unfortunately for her, petty qwine Jerry Seinfeld DGAF.

At a recent red carpet event Kesha literally begged him to hug her three times, and he unsympathetically curbed her.

It’s brutal, but also LOL.

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It all happened very suddenly.

“Oh my gosh I love you so much,” Kesha breathlessly gushed, coming out from nowhere to  interrupt Jerry Seinfeld’s nuanced thoughts about how it’s hard to sleep when you’re tired to a reporter from WUSA 9.

Unimpressed, the comic and professional bee impersonator said, “Thanks so much.”

Not taking the hint that he was busy and didn’t want to have some quality bonding time, Kesha proceeded to ask him, “Can I give you a hug?”

“Nooo thanks,” Jerry replied.

“Please?” Kesha countered.

“No thanks,” Jerry repeated.

“A little one,” Kesha suggested, reaching out to Jerry.

“Yeah, no thanks,” Jerry said, while literally holding up his hands and retreating into the background.

With a wounded squeal, a defeated Kesha disappeared back into the red carpet abyss from whence she came from, while Jerry Seinfeld laughed it off saying, “I don’t know who that was.”

TBH, does anybody ever want to hug somebody random just because they said something nice to them?

Jerry Seinfeld may be petty, but was he really wrong?


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