Watch Genevieve Morton Get Hookup Ready With A Little Help From Cheeki

You can never plan a hookup. Whether it be with a guy you barely know or a guy you really like, it’s rare a woman has a wax, stubble-free legs and a perfect ph balance at all times. Every girl feels insecure right before her pants come off, but there’s no need to be nervous if you know about Cheeki undergarments. Cheeki offers a fresh pair of panties in an airtight package to save you from any last minute embarrassment. Starting at just $11, it’s worth it to stuff a couple pairs inside your bag. You’ll definitely be needing them, and keeping them! Cheeki isn’t just for your big night out, they make for a great addition to your underwear drawer, too. Watch Sports Illustrated Swimsuit supermodel, Genevieve Morton, show us how to handle this exact crisis, with a little help from Cheeki. Ladies, clean undergarments are a game changer.

Video by the Riker Brothers

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