Washing your face in hot water can actually damage your skin

You know that feeling after a long day all you want to do is get in the shower, run the hot water, and stay in there for hours? Yea? Well newsflash: your skin is screaming at you sis.

Washing your face in hot water can actually do more harm to your skin than good. Hot water  apparently “damages skin’s protective barrier and causes engorgement of tiny blood vessels, which may lead to permanently dilated skin blood vessels over time and result in skin ruddiness and uneven tone” according to Stylecaster.com. Also, thehealthsite.com states that hot water can irritate your skin, strips your skin of its natural oils (making it dry and dull af), scald your skin, and even cause pre-maturing aging!!!!!

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Korean skincare gurus (the Gods of skincare tbh) recommends avoiding hot water all together. Try to wash your face at your sink on lukewarm to cold water to avoid further damage to your skin. Also try not to take too many “steam showers” because that does dry out your face as well.

Keep washing your face in hot water and you might possibly go from smoother than a baby’s bottom to wrinkles galore sooner than you think.

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