Was Nicki Minaj Wrong To Call Miley A Bitch On Live Television?

If you’re going to engage in a social media brawl with just any diva, and not expect it to venture into IRL territory real quick, think again. Nicki Minaj was clearly unpleased about the words Miley Cyrus had for her, in regards to the Taylor Swift Twitter debacle, in a recent New York Times’ interview, and wasn’t afraid to get all up in her feelings on live television. After ironically thanking “her pastor”, apparently not for ministering in the ways of keep one’s cool, Minaj warmly welcomed her host back to the stage with, “And now…back to…this bitch who had a lot to say about me in the press the other day. Miley what’s good?!”

Miley looked taken aback for only a quick second before scrambling to a quick, but diplomatic response, saying “Hey we all are in this industry, we all do interviews and we all know how they manipulate, Nicki congratulations.” Miley’s indirect response moments later, however, had even more emphasis when introducing the Artist to Watch Award, reminding the world that she lost this award years prior and that she was able to move on because it’s “just an award”. This was clearly a poorly disguised rebuttal at Minaj, in which she reminds the female MC that even she, a white pop-star, has lost this award, and that Minaj’s claims for her loss being due to racism are not as well researched or fact-based.

Now, calling another woman a ‘bitch’ in front of millions of viewers, not to mention a majority being young women who admire these “role models” is probably not the classiest choice made by Minaj. Simply put by Miley, it was “very Nicki Minaj”. However, is it unexpected? No. Was it appropriate? Well, everything is appropriate apparently at the VMA’s. Yet, Miley was quick to cover that shit up and squash it faster than Taylor Swift’s PR team, without even a perfectly placed tit pastie out of place. Is anyone else thinking that Miley and Nicki make much more sense getting along than Nicki and Taylor Swift? Taylor’s spontaneous appearance on Nicki’s opening performance, which conveniently concluded with a chorus from Swift’s “Bad Blood” is twice as bizarre as Nicki throwing a diss at Miley. Two things are on our minds now and that’s that a) Nicki Minaj has a rather interesting taste in “friends” and b) there’s definitely about to be a round two given that the producers wasted no time to mute Nicki’s mic before shit actually broke the fan.


Illustration by Jake Walker

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