Want To Work Out Like Beyonce? Topshop Has You Covered

She’s got the body, she’s got the style, and we all want to be her. This is why the new Beyonce designed athletic wear line for Topshop is the ultimate dream collaboration. The bad news? The line won’t be out for another year! That’s ok though, you can still workout like Beyonce while you wait for the line to launch. Here’s how.

Work Those Legs
Do this right and you wont be single for long.

Wear Your Workout Armor
Gotta keep safe- those kickboxing classes can be dangerous!

Be Empowered- Be Yonce

Beyonce is obviously one of the sexiest power players in the music industry and no, we cannot all be a physically perfect demi-goddess. But we can certainly act like one and of course work out like one. Maybe if we dance like Beyonce we will become her?

Workout #Flawless

Wake up #Flawless. Workout #Flawless. Be #Flawless.

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