Wake Up Flawless: Our Favorite Summer Skincare Products

It’s that time of year again where your skin is either gonna be flawless or in need of some desperate TLC. Let’s face it, yo face is yo money maker, so it’s important you stay glowing so you can put your best face forward (lol). Puns aside, we have put together a list of our favorite products here at Galore to keep you looking noticeably fresh a la Kim K or Yoncé.


5 Summer Essentials For Your Face:

1. Patchology FlashPatch Eye Gels


Let’s face it, some of us do NOT wake up flawless. And if you’re at all like me, sometimes you don’t get the full 8-10 hours of sleep you need; which means there are probably some dark crescent moons taking over your eye area. Well, instead of using tons of concealer to try to make you look more awake, go to the root of the problem and try these Eye Gels before your regular makeup regimen. These patches have ingredients like caffeine and hydrolyzed collagen to bring moisture and life back into your zombie-like eyes.

2. ZSS Skin Systems Method N. 2 Clear Skin


This product from ZSS Skin Systems is designed to help battle blemishes and to improve your overall glow and radiance (ooo la la). It has four main functions including evening the tone of your skin, reducing redness, reducing blemishes and minimizes pores as well as improving overall pore health (who doesn’t want all of dat for their skin)?

3. Fresh Sugar Lip Polish


Everyone knows that for summer it’s extremely important to have a perfectly kissable pout. Say no to chapped, flakey lips with this Lip Polish from Fresh (one of my favorite skin care brands). It’s natural and will leave your lips feeling velvety for days.

4. NERD Skin Repair Master Mask


Before going to bed, try this mask that stimulates the natural healing process of your face, it soothes stressed skin immediately and promotes collagen and elastin production overnight. When you wake up, you feel refreshed and ready to go!

5. Emtage Argan Oil Rose Hip Rollerball


This cruelty-free (and vegan) oil by Emtage beauty helps to moisturize eyes, smooth wrinkles and rejuvenate dry skin to give you a summery glow. Although we are familiar with argan oil’s healing properties for our hair, Moroccans have been using it for centuries to treat skin diseases, blemishes and much more. Maybe we should catch on, eh?

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