Waist Training Is Seriously Dangerous, Here’s 5 Things To Do Instead

With every decade comes the hottest new fashions, new hairstyles and hottest body type. The 90s and 00s were all about the heroin-chic, super thin Kate Moss body type. And although being super thin is still really in, those days may be coming to an end (hallelujah) as the hour glass body type is coming back, and with a vengeance. Having a tiny waist with a big butt is #literalgoals these days. There’s no exact reason why certain fashions and body types come back around, but it’s safe to say the Kardashian clan had something to do with curves being the preferred body over some skinny bones. Curves are cool, but not if you have to break your bones to get those curves. With the new ‘waist trainer’ (aka corset), that’s what women are doing these days. Just like every decade brings a new ‘in’ body type, it also brings some new crazy trend or fad to get the desired body of the time. With the heroin-chic look it brought starving yourself and bulimia, with the hourglass look it has brought the waist-trainer.

The waist trainer is the modern day version of  a corset; it’s a tight spandex band that you wrap around your waist and clasp at the front to shape your waist into being smaller. Although you only wear the waist trainer for maybe an hour during the day, it still can cause some serious damage. Rather than wearing the waist trainer here are 5 things to choose instead:

  1. Oxygen. Yep, it’s no surprise the waist trainer can inhibit your ability to breathe properly. The super tight spandex constricts your chest and lungs making it quite difficult to get oxygen in there, which is apparently important for…living.
  2. Non-broken ribs. Although this one is not as immediate, just like in the olden days with corsets, the waist trainer can cause your ribs to fracture over time due to the unnatural molding shape.
  3. Normal-sized organs. Once again, not as immediate, but over time as the waist trainer molds your body to society’s expectations, it also molds your internal organs like your liver, spleen, stomach, and intestines into shapes not found in nature. Squished organs=bad.
  4. Exercise. That’s right, when you wear the waist trainer, it is not suggested that you exercise due to the inability to breathe and move your body properly. You just sit there uncomfortably for an hour.
  5. Positive body image. Rather than causing serious damage to your body just to have a tinier waist (which will actually revert back to its normal shape once you stop using the trainer), just lead a natural, healthy life with exercise and eating right. It can definitely be hard when you don’t have the ‘in’ body type of the decade, but instead of killing yourself, enjoy your time being the unique woman you are.

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