VMA Moments No One Is Talking About But Should Be

By Samantha Fioravanti

-On Friday night our girl Iggy Azalea fell right off the stage at a benefit concert for the MTV VMAs. Her big ol’ booty backed right on up and off the stage. Like the pro that she is, she bounced back with a smile on her fancy and continued to delight fans. “Who dat who dat?!”

-We loved Tay Swift jumping out of her comfort zone and into a blue silver fringe two piece and into the arms of some loving male models. Stop right there Taylor, I believe Queen B wore a similar outfit just a few years ago for her tour? It is okay, we all love silver fringe.

photo 3-3

At the ripe age of 17, yes 17, Lorde became the first woman to win a moon man in the rock video category. She is our favorite love child of the sixties living as a millennial. Get it girl!

photo 1-4

Blue know the ***Flawless dance; Gosh Bey really is the Queen. Blue sits on Daddy’s lap while moving and grooving. Maybe the best part of the night.


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