Vlad Yudin’s Jeremy Scott Documentary Changed The Game For Underdogs

Director Vlad Yudin was the talk of NYFW. His documentary screening for “Jeremy Scott: The People’s Designer” brought out a gaggle of celebrities in support of both the designer and the director, himself. Jeremy Scott quickly went from a small town Missouri boy to his current position as the creative director of Moschino. He’s a favorite among celebrities, making him one of the most polarizing figures in the contemporary fashion scene. Vlad Yudin wanted to give people a glimpse into Jeremy’s worldview, beyond the clothing. This documentary includes Jeremy’s goals for the future, inspirations, fears and opinions on contemporary pop-culture. Vlad spoke to Galore about his own inspiration behind the film and his experience filming Jeremy.

Galore Mag Vlad Yudin & Katy Perry

Vlad Yudin & Katy Perry

What made you want to get into film and cinematography?

It was always something I knew I would do, probably just like anyone else passionate about film. I enjoyed watching movies when I was younger. At a very young age, I told myself and everyone around me that this was the only thing I wanted to do.

How did this film project come about with Jeremy Scott, and what is the inspiration behind it?  

I was interested in creating an exposé on a fashion designer. Knowing Jeremy’s unique success and popularity in the industry, it had always been a project I wanted to accomplish. When I reached out to him, the desire to create this documentary was mutual. It was then when he expressed he was becoming the Creative Director of Moschino. I knew we had to tell the world his inspiring underdog story.

How long did it take to film and what did you learn from Jeremy on this journey?  

The film was definitely a journey. We filmed over the course of two years. More than anything, I’ve experienced first hand Jeremy’s dedication to his art. He has so many projects going on and devotes his life to it. It’s the secret to his success.

What makes this film different from other fashion documentaries and what kind of visual sensations can we expect to experience?

This fashion film is not just for the fashion audience. Don’t get me wrong, the fashion world will love every second of it. But it is truly an underdog story. Jeremy came from nothing. An environment so far from the fashion world. But he had a dream and strived for it. Anyone in life, in any industry, will appreciate Jeremy’s story. It’s also full of intense scenes, wild runways and Jeremy’s signature colorful designs juxtaposed with the simple beauty of Jeremy’s hometown Kansas City, MO.

How was this piece filming compared to the intensity of  your documentary “Generation Iron”?

“Generation Iron” is all about the journey of passionate athletes working towards one goal: To win the Mr. Olympia title. It’s filled with the intensity of the build up to Olympia Weekend. Similarly, “Jeremy Scott: The People’s Designer” takes you into the most intense and hectic two years of Jeremy’s life. There are so many moving parts that lead up to his debut Moschino show. When you have Jeremey Scott, Carlyne Cerf and dozens of models backstage racing to put on the show of the year, well things get pretty intense.

What makes Jeremy “The Peoples Designer”?

People love to wear his designs, they collect and appreciate them.

Favorite Jeremy Scott piece ever?

His entire SpongeBob collection.

One thing you want every person who sees this film to walk away with?

If you truly want something. You can achieve it. No matter how impossible is seems. But you have to be willing to work as hard as you can for it, and then some.

What can we expect next from VLADAR COMPANY?

On September 18th we also premiered another film available on Generation Iron Fitness Network through Vimeo On Demand. It’s an inspirational story of legendary power lifter CT Fletcher. A bad ass guy who sacrificed everything, even his own health for his dream and passion.

The Vladar Company is always embarking on a new project and there is a lot to come for the end of the year and beginning of 2016.

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