16 Iconic ‘Wonder Woman’ Style Moments in Honor of the New Trailer

Today, we had our first look at the new “Wonder Woman” movie trailer. The movie will be released in 2017, starring Gal Gadot and Chris Pine. This will be Wonder Woman’s first foray into the spotlight since the 70s, when Lynda Carter embodied the most glamorous superhero ever.

As excited as we are to see Gal Gadot kick ass in an updated costume, we can’t help but gawk at all of the iconic Wonder Woman looks Lynda Carter rocked during her superhero reign. Check the trailer below, then see 16 very 70s shots of the O.G. Wonder Woman.

1. Lynda Carter wins the Miss USA title. (1972)

We could totally see Lana Del Rey rocking this hair.


2. Lynda Carter is photographed in 1972.

The wide-brimmed hat and makeup look are so 2016. (No comment on the necklace…)


3. Lynda Carter during “Wonder Woman” Season 1. (1975)

Even her helmet is chic.


4. Lynda Carter flies her invisible jet during “Wonder Woman” Season 2. (1976)

So ergonomically friendly.


5. Lynda Carter appears in disguise during “Wonder Woman” Season 1. (1975)

Very “I Love Lucy.”

6. Lynda Carter’s “Wonder Woman” beauty shot. (1975)

False eyelash technology was on point even back then.


7. Lynda Carter rides horseback during “Wonder Woman” Season 2. (1976)

It would take some serious superpowers to tolerate horseback-riding in that outfit.


8. Lynda Carter wears her underwater suit during “Wonder Woman” Season 3. (1977)

We neeeeed to know what kind of setting spray she uses to keep that full face of makeup in place during a swim.


9. Lynda Carter is photographed in 1978.

Contouring and highlighting weren’t invented in 2015, you know.


10. Lynda Carter during “Wonder Woman” Season 3. (1977)

And apparently neither were waist trainers.


11. Lynda Carter attends an event. (1978)

This wouldn’t be out of place on a red carpet today.


12. Lynda Carter is photographed for a poster (which was then made into a puzzle). (1977)

She really knows how to stick to her theme colors.


13. Lynda Carter takes a portrait for CBS. (1979)



14.Lynda Carter is photographed in 1975.

Even au naturel she looks totally glam.


15. Lynda Carter is photographed in 1976.

Sometimes you just need to go blonde.


16. Lynda Carter poses in her iconic Wonder Woman costume. (1975)

A true classic.


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