Vida Kush: Dress Bold And Live Gold


VidaKush is a Los Angeles based jewelry brand that features hand made and handpicked jewelry. Some of their signature pieces consist of septum rings, chokers, statement necklaces, and basically jewelry to cover you from head to toe. Rhianna Cooper, designer and creative director of VidaKush, finds inspiration through cultural diversity and the beauty of eras past. Dress bold and live gold, fashion should have no rules!

See our interview with Rhianna below!

Who is the Vida Kish girl?

The VidaKush girl isn’t afraid to break rules.  She wakes up every morning and does exactly what she wants to.

I see your jewelry all over Instagram, did you start out jewelry or clothing first?

I started with jewelry, I learned how to make it from my mom.  I’ve only done a few pieces for clothing, but definitely something I want to expand on.

What inspired you to create this brand? What inspired your latest collection?

I am inspired by contrast.  My mom is Indian and was born in Burma, I am fascinated by Southeast Asian Culture, I love the colors and the way the women accessorize every possible part of their bodies.  I am inspired by history and how romantic times before us seem. The past collection was definitely very 60s/70s influenced, but as of late I am very interested in the late 1920s prohibition era, especially the Zigfield girls. Lastly I am inspired by Los Angeles itself, how quickly the feel of where you are can change by crossing the street, by the different faces and fearless people I meet, and waking up at the beach every day.

What is your favorite piece on the entire Vida Kush website?

Right now my favorite piece is the Chakra Body Chain.

It’s a new year, what’s your resolution as far as Vida Kush is concerned?

My resolution is to change the way we communicate as young women. I want to encourage girls to treat each other with love and respect, especially over the internet. My friends and I just started a Zine on this subject, it’s called Double Dare, we give it out for free at Melrose Trading Post.




Model: Kate Compton
Photo: Rhianna Cooper
Style: Ann Marie Hoang
Makeup: Amanda Mendoza
Hair: Daven Mayeda

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