Get Spiritual With Jewelry? Vida Kush Thinks So

Love, perception, expression, power, sex, survival. All our chakras and vibes are essential parts of our existence, whether we consciously think about them or not. Jewlery designer Rhianna Cooper of VidaKush thinks about them every day as she designs accessories with the human spirit in mind. We talked to Rhianna about creating a line which not only looks cute with clothing, but channels your energy and opens your mind. All this sounding a little hippy dippy for you? Read on, check out Vida Kush’s online store, and you’ll be drinking the Kool Aid in no time.


How did you create Vida Kush? What purpose does it serve?

I started VidaKush at the end of college. My mom is also a jeweler and I’ve grown up with jewelry all my life. She had given me a bag of unused of beads, gems, and stones and I just let my creativity take it from there. I started to experiment and try out different designs and found out I really enjoyed jewelry making. The purpose that it serves is to provide quality and innovative pieces that no one has seen before. It’s a great creative outlet to start trends, expand trends, and inspire other girls to follow their own style and take risks.

What is the Vida Kush lifestyle? What do you guys represent?

We represent loving and respecting all girls, of all life styles and backgrounds. The VidaKush lifestyle is : no rules.

Who inspires you?
My mom.
What is the most inspirational place to you?
It changes all the time; but I just came back from Japan and was very inspired by Kyoto.
What’s your jewlery design process? 
Usually it starts by being inspired, it could be from anything – a time era, a photo, a memory, a place, etc., I like to gather all my materials

 “Girls should follow their hearts, not trends.”

Where do you find rare charms and pieces for your designs? 
All over the world, young international.
Do you set trends or do you follow them?
Girls should follow their hearts, not trends.
What’s the best piece to give as a gift?
The Chakra Body Chain  which comes with different jewel options. Choose the correct jewel for the person you are gifting with this guide:
Crown Chakra with (Spiritual) Rose Quartz- Love, brings peace and calm, forgiveness, tolerance, and compassion for ourselves and others.

3rd Eye Chakra (Perception) Amethyst- Protection, healing, spiritual wisdom.

Throat Chakra (Expression) Sapphire- Stone of destiny, symbol of heaven and devotion.

Heart Chakra (Love) Peridot- Stone of lightness and beauty, protects against negative emotions.

Solar Plexus Chakra (Power) Citrine- Opens the mind to new thoughts, promotes clarity.

Sacral Chakra (Sex) Orange Carnelian- Gives energy and sense of humor, calms temper.

Root Chakra (Survival) Ruby- Most powerful gem in the universe.  Symbol of friendship, love, vitality, and royalty.  Gives the courage to be the best potential a person has.

What’s your accessory mantra? Less is more, or more is more?

Jewel every part of your body.

What are the best Spring pieces in the current Vida Kush collection?

Peyote crown, leather conch choker, Abracadabra Nameplate necklace, and the leather hand chain.

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