Victoria’s Vets: 6 Angels We Wish Still Had Their Wings!

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is officially less than a week away. This parade of confident, sexy, inhumanely perfect women will stomp the runway with some newcomers and some veterans. But seeing Adriana and Alessandra up there just makes me look back at some of the fabulous originals who owned the catwalk in previous years. Candice may have won the fantasy bra, but those who came before her cannot be replaced. Here are six former VS Angels who I wish would return to the runway.

 1. Gisele Bundchen: The queen. The original Victoria’s Secret goddess. She had the gazelle like stomp, purely confident attitude and breasts to match that define an angel. Even Adriana doesn’t quite compare (though she comes close as f***!).
The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Runway
2. Heidi Klum: Nothing will ever quite match up to Heidi’s cleavage or her contagiously vivacious attitude! Heidi had the sort of curves and sex appeal that is entirely inspiring for a woman. She owned her body and she owned that runway. And she filled out that fantasy bra better than Candice! (Sorry Candice)
Heidi Klum at Victorias Secret Fashion Show 2005 (November 9, 2005, Lexington Avenue Armory, NY)
3. Karolina Kurkova: Not only did she have one of the best fantasy bras but she was the ultimate Victoria’s Secret catalogue girl. She had a connection with the camera that has yet to be rivaled. And when she wielded that soul searing stare on the runway, she set the audience ablaze.
Karolina Kurkova at Victorias Secret Fashion Show 2005 (November 9, 2005, Lexington Avenue Armory, NY)
4. Chanel Iman: One of the most diverse angels Victoria’s Secret has ever employed. This Korean African American sex bomb was only employed for two years and her long, lithe limbs left a mark on the catwalk that many of the longer reigning Angels could never dream to fill.
5. Marissa Miller: Marissa is such an underrated angel. She owned her fantasy bra in 2009, and has one of the most athletically sexy builds in the industry. It’s a shame we see so little of her nowadays.
6. Rosie Huntington Whitely: Perhaps one of the most iconic Angels, and she is still the reigning queen of the lingerie industry even now. With campaigns for Agent Provacateur and Garage Magazine, she is doing the industry proud to this day. Angels never die.

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