Victoria’s Secret’s ‘Easy’ Collection Has a Slutty Name, But a Long-term GF Vibe

Victoria’s Secret is having a bit of an identity crisis right now.

This year, the legendary lingerie brand decided it was time to move in a new direction, trading in their boobtastic bathing suits for boob-binding athletic wear, and declaring that bralets are in, and padded, underwire push-up bras are out.

“But,” we imagine mid-level Victoria’s Secret executives asked themselves, “bralets and sports bras aren’t really sexy. How can we keep our reputation for selling the hottest bras you can buy in a Middle America mall going, while conceding to the world’s growing fascination with wearing underwear that’s *gasp* comfortable?”

And then some genius in the room had an inspired idea.

They’d make a collection of their “softest, most comfortable, live-in-it bras” and give it a slutty-sounding name.

And thus, Victoria’s Secret’s “Easy” Collection was born.

The “Easy” collection is “made for those easy weekend vibes, when you can get away with wearing nothing…except this,” a VS press release promises.

The bras have no hooks, no wires, and come in three super “easy” styles.

The “Easy” plunge bra.


The “Easy” push-up bra.


And for the girls who like to live on the edge, the “easy” twist push-up bra.


To tell the truth, these bras do look really comfortable while still maintainingg the exact level of sex appeal most significant others can come to expect from their long-term girlfriend.

While there’s seemingly nothing special enough about them to warrant a $40 price tag, right now they’re available for just $25, which is a steal for a name-brand bra.

Of course, you’d have to reconcile your purchase with the fact that a cheap marketing ploy actually works, but whatever.

A comfortable bra is a comfortable bra.



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