Victoria Dougharty Explains Why We All Need to Go Clubbing in Dallas

If you’re already scouting locations for the best Spring Break ever, we have a suggestion. Not only does Dallas, Texas have thousands of underground clubs and cool venues, but it’s much easier to travel to and way safer than some of the other infamous Spring Break spots like Tijuana, Mexico, or Miami.

That’s why we talked to Victoria Dougharty, a California-born club queen who has made her home in the Lone Star State, to get the 4/11 on partying it up Texas style. “When I go out I’m very open-minded. Sometimes I want to turn up, dance, and drink like a fish, then other days I prefer to chill in a lounge atmosphere,” she told us. Find out exactly where this professional spring breaker goes for the best party-time in the city, below.

Getting The Dallas Nightlife Look: It’s all over the place. I think Dallas is very pretentious when it comes to a lot of things and fashion is no exception to that. Style varies from clique to clique. Being trans for four years in this city, I realized the “popular” girls go for the bandage dress with pink lipstick look, kind of Kim Kardashian circa 2007. The more “popular,” the more the tighter the dress, the flashier the heels. And of course it’s Texas, so the big hair!

Dressing Cool For Dallas Days: Stud earrings give a simple classic glam look, without doing too much. Third, I have to have a neckpiece or choker. Like I said, I wear my hair short so if I don’t have anything around my neck I feel odd. I believe every girl should have a pair of leggings because if something comes up, all you have to do is throw on a nice pair of heels and you’re good to go. 

Where To Go For The Best Dancing: For dancing, I hit up some straight bars in Uptown Dallas and The Strip, which is Dallas’ LGBT entertainment area. Also, I would have to say Station 4 AKA S4. In my opinion, it’s one of the best in the country! If you go to S4, be prepared to look less cute when you leave. The dancing will have you sweating.

Where To Have A Chill Night: For a laid back night, I suggest Sherlock’s or Hotel Zaza. Both are chill but still have an upscale element.

Where To Bar Hop: McKinney Avenue in Downtown, which is most definitely the place to go if you and the girls want to bar hop. It has a vibe similar to 6th Street in Austin, TX, mixed with a California feel.

What Not To Leave Home Without: COMFORTABLE shoes. I can’t stress this enough. I have three pair of club shoes that are my go-to’s if I’m going be on my feet all night.

Photos by Nathan Paul

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