Victor Cruz Apparently Has 200 Side Chicks & His Fiancé Texted Them This…

Image From Page Six

Wow, being a football star must be great, huh? You are rich, famous, good looking, and you get to sleep with two hundred plus women! Wait…what if you’re already engaged?

Victor Cruz may be engaged, but he clearly wasn’t down to let his girl hold him back from taking advantage of all the chicks who want to fuck a pro-athlete. Instead of leaving him (like she should’ve), she decided to send one of those passive-aggressive text messages that only girls are capable of.

Elaina darling, nice pitch…but bad delivery. If you’re trying to have the upper hand when texting your man’s hoes, at least have the decency to capitalize your own name…and add some proper punctuation!

Regardless, the alleged “200” girls is most likely a mistake. I’m pretty sure you can’t even make a group chat with that many people (or women, in this case). Not to mention that I don’t think any guy is capable of texting 200 girls simultaneously, most have trouble keeping up with one.

As much as we wish we were able to see how Cruz’ ladies responded, Elaina should GTFO of the relationship while she still has some dignity. Whether that group text was to two girls or two hundred girls, you need a man who is loyal to one person (and that one person should be you).

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