Vibrators Aren’t Just For When You’re On Your Own


Although usually used alone to help you get off easily, and by and large our favorite method of masturbation at Galore, you don’t just have to use your toys while solo. Although some women fear that bringing a vibrator into the bedroom will intimidate their partner, feedback from men who participated in a 2011 Indiana University survey indicated a whole different story. 70 percent of the men who participated strongly disagreed with the idea that men are intimidated by sex toys.

Data for whether women who are having sex with women feel intimidated by the toys was not gathered, unfortunately. However, if you’re worried about your partner feeling weirded out about using sex toys but you still want to bring them into your coupled sex life, you may just want to have an honest conversation and see how they feel.

Vibrators used during coupled sex open up a whole new world of possibilities. If you orgasm more on your own while using a vibrator than with a partner, bringing the vibrator into your partnered sex life may help you orgasm more. A few guys who were asked about using vibrators with their partner’s by Glamour, and one dude shared that he loved using the vibrator while he was going down on his girlfriend, in addition to enjoying watching her use it by herself.

You can incorporate good vibrations into your coupled sex by using a toy to stimulate your clit while having penetrative sex, as well as while your partner is eating you out. Pretty much anything that vibrates and has worked for you on your own will probably work with a partner, but if you want something specifically developed for being used in coupled sex, Babeland has an entire section dedicated to couple’s vibrators that you can check out including this remote controlled USB rechargable contraption that you can put in your panties and go about your day with. Give your partner the remote and…let’s just say it could make weekend chores with your boo a lot more interesting.

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