See Why This Walk of Shame Made It To Primetime

Three years ago, Kellyann Wargo, then a senior at the University of Michigan, had a brilliant idea to make some money. Being an early riser, even on weekends, she had become a go-to person for hungover friends who needed post-hookup rides home from various spots on Michigan’s campus. So she decided to start a business, called the Walk of Shame Shuttle, in which for $5 Wargo would pick you up in the morning, provide you with a water bottle and a Plan B coupon (GOOD looking out girl), and drive you back to where you lived. She advertised for her service with a hilarious, home-made video on youtube that quickly went viral.

But the story doesn’t end there……executives at VH1 came across her video and contacted Kellyann about her business, seeing the premise for a reality show. Which brings us to now when the show of her experiences with her passengers, entitled Walk of Shame Shuttle, will be airing this Wednesday night at 9 and 11pm on VH1. And Kellyann, who had to get a chauffeur license to legally continue her shuttle, is now looking into franchising the Walk of Shame Shuttle to campuses across the country. Please check out the trailer for the show below, featuring Kellyann and some of her hired drivers on the service, it is HILARIOUS. Can’t wait to check it out this week.


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