Vassy On Being Bad And Ignoring Haters

Girls just want to have fun and Vassy is one of those girls. The Greco-Australian pop star never plays it safe and it’s paid off: her infectious songs have reached the top of the Billboard Dance Charts. Vasiliki Karagiorgos talks about her upcoming album We Are Young, ignoring the haters and her favorite dance tracks.

by: Shannon Kurlander

Galore Mag - Vassy

As a pop/dance music star we have to wonder…do you like to party?

Let’s just say it feels good to be bad! At the end of the day we love music and I think that’s my thing!

Tell us more about your awesome upcoming album, We Are Young.
It’s a collection of all my quirky, indie-pop! Real fun songs that make people smile. I want people to feel good when they listen to the We Are Young album. It’s super authentic and just comes straight from the heart.

Aussie boys or American boys?

You’re going to get me in trouble. No comment!

What are some of your all-­time favorite dance tracks.
“Gypsy Woman” by Crystal Waters is my all-time favorite. I also loved the UK classic “I Want To Give You Devotion” by Nomad.

We’re all about #kissmyvassy ­ How do you deal with all the haters out there (especially in the age of social media)?

Just ignore them, it is a waste of your time and energy to listen to negative people. I only surround myself with positive energy and try to remember that I can’t please everyone at the end of the day. As long as I feel good about myself that’s what matters!

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